Where to Eat Vegan in Berlin

Many people will tell you that Berlin is a fantastic place for vegans, and they’re not wrong. I went for myself this June (2017) and had the time of my life. It’s funny that a country famed for its sausages and what not can be so fantastic for the common herbivore. Everywhere you go, there are vegan options and that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. It’s a very popular lifestyle in Berlin, so if you’re vegan, it’s definitely worth visiting the beautiful German capital. I was only there for 5 days, so I didn’t get round to trying every single place, but here are a few of the places I did get to try and the delicious dishes that I enjoyed…

Goodies Cafe

I visited Goodies Cafe quite a lot during my time in Berlin, because it is the adjoining cafe to Veganz supermarket – which is basically vegan heaven. Veganz stocks everything from vegan cheese to vegan chocolate to vegan meat to vegan cleaning products to vegan pet food. You name it! There’s also a vegan restaurant upstairs (The Bowl) and a vegan shoe shop too (Avesu). Goodies, the cafeteria downstairs, has a selection of food, desserts, and drinks available all day and it’s an ideal place for grabbing something quick or on-the-go. Their bagels are to die for: filled with delicious vegetables, salad, faux meats, and vegan mayonnaise. You can also get vegan pastries there – apricot croissants, all butter croissants, pain au chocolat. Choose from a range of about 10 different smoothies, too! And of course, you have to try their range of cakes… we had the blackberry cheesecake! So, definitely one to visit for breakfast and lunch. And you will be back, trust me.



Brammibal’s Donuts

Not visiting Brammibal’s while in Berlin will be the worst mistake of your life, I’m not kidding. I have never had a more delicious donut, ever. EVER. And such a selection! Eventually, I chose the matcha tea donut and my boyfriend went with strawberry & pistachio. Both were so good. And perfect in combination with a hot cup of tea or coffee. It’s a pretty small cafe, so maybe plan to get donuts to go and find a nice spot in the outdoors to enjoy them. There’s also a market going on outside of Brammibal’s most of the time, with cool record shops and the likes nearby too. It’s so worth the visit.


1990 Vegan Living

If you can only dine out one night, make it at 1990 Vegan Living. This Vietnamese restaurant is probably my favourite place that I have ever eaten at. You are given a little sticky note pad with all the items from the menu on it, and a little pencil too. After reading the menu, you tick what you want and hand over the note to your waiter! Simple! You’re encouraged to get either a large bowl or several smaller bowls. My boyfriend and I shared a few smaller bowls together, including tofu curry and dumplings. There’s a vegan ice cream parlour across the street too!


Superfoods and Organic Liquids

For a special breakfast or brunch experience, head to Superfoods and Organic Liquids. This is the sort of place that would exist in an Instagram universe. Everything is so beautiful and photograph worthy. The carefully created smoothie bowls are something to consider, or, make it a weekend trip, because it’s on the weekends that they offer their vegan waffles. Not everything here is vegan, so be sure to check, but it’s a lovely, healthy place situated in a lovely part of the city.



Soya is another Vietnamese restaurant – I just love Asian food – and it’s in a very busy and popular part of the city. I went for a mock-duck dish which was actually far too realistic for my liking, but I can imagine it would please many. My boyfriend got the tofu and seitan curry which was very delicious. I wanted to steal his plate! No such luck. Service is fast and it’s not too expensive, a good place to dine midweek perhaps.



I am definitely going to be revisiting Berlin and will be revisiting every single place I have listed here. Next time, I also want to try Manafood (lunch bowls), Barkett (brunch and bar snacks), Quy Nguyen (Vietnamese), Bamerang (rock bar), and La Stella Nera (pizzeria). I highly recommend downloading the Happy Cow app. It costs £3.99 but it’s so worth it, especially when going abroad. It saves you from eating chips or salad all of the time and allows you to find lots of quirky little places that are often independently owned and family run businesses!


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