My Thoughts on Liar Episode 6 – The Season Finale

Ok, sorry, I know this is late. Like, way late. I’ve been busy, ok? Forgive me. Plus I have another Liar blog post in the workings too. And I promise to write up my thoughts on Season 2… Yes, season 2. It’s happening. More on that later…

We begin the final episode of Liar season 1 with Andrew arriving home after his being drugged and kidnapped by Laura, escaping, and conveniently/inconveniently being interrupted by Vanessa. He heads straight for the whisky. He’s shaken. His power is slipping away. So much so that he takes it upon himself to ask his son to lie to the police. We see to a further extent how vile Andrew is here, because Luke is clearly upset at the prospect of lying to the police, and Andrew plays on Luke’s kind nature in order to guilt him into doing it. At least, agreeing to doing it. He clearly only looks out for himself, and all of his charisma and charm is merely a cover up for the vile, twisted monster that he truly is. It becomes clear later in the episode that Luke has come to realise that his dad may in fact be guilty, a rapist and a liar. Cut to Laura and Vanessa discussing their situation, cut to Andrew being approached by police at his place of work – again. Cut to 3 months later…

Here is a scene that starts with what I’ve been so desperately craving. Laura: happy, somewhat relaxed. She’s on a date at a bar with the guy from Scotland who has travelled all the way to see her. I’m not quite sure whether or not this is the first time, it doesn’t feel like a first date but it’s still in that friendly-acquaintance zone. Perhaps showing that she is now more sheltered, more careful. There are other signs of her trauma, too. He offers to buy the drinks, and she insists upon getting them herself. Something she didn’t do before. Even worse, Laura spots Andrew outside of the bar, meeting with a woman – Charlotte. All of this serves to demonstrate the long-term effects sexual assault can have on somebody’s life, and how it can be both mentally and physically difficult to move past it. We learn that he has got away with it for a second time due to a lack of evidence. A harrowing and sinister reflection of reality. Justice does seem truly hopeless at this point.

Katy and Liam are still broken up, and as he comments that it will “take some time” for the kids to “get used to it”, it’s clear that they aren’t getting back together any time soon. He emphasises that this is the effect of Katy’s cause: no one did this but her. “I can’t forget that, or forgive it.” He promptly closes the door upon saying goodbye, and draws the curtains. I feel like this mirrors the action with Laura and Andrew, only with a less sensitive subject. With Katy and Liam, actions are met with consequences and the “goodies” and “baddies” are clearly set out. There’s no way for Katy to get away with it, or to push the blame onto anyone else. It is clear now that Katy has lost everything. Her husband, certainly her relationship with Laura. She only sees her children part-time now, too, and her perfect little family unit is broken. What has she got left to lose? Does this foreshadow any of her future decisions? More on this later…

Clearly, we are supposed to think that Charlotte is unsuspecting and the next victim of Andrew’s manipulation. We later find out, though, that this is not true. Upon the revelation that is an undercover police officer, I couldn’t quite understand why Charlotte was so hostile with Laura when they met. It seems kind of harsh to treat a rape victim looking out for other women, in this way, though. It makes even less sense that she phones up Andrew in order to tell him that she met with Laura, and what Laura said. How is that safeguarding? I just can’t work it out. This leads to him making a visit to Laura’s house, and calling her to make threatening and sinister remarks. I really don’t know why he needed to know, although Charlotte informs Vanessa that it is in order to unsettle him and provoke anger, making mistakes on his part more likely – and that she ensured there was a squad car at Laura’s place. Vanessa remarks that she shouldn’t be putting Laura in the middle of all this, Charlotte replies that Laura put herself in the middle of it. A strange perspective from a sexual offences police officer, no? It does also lead to Laura realising that he records his attacks, but Charlotte wasn’t to know that. She’s annoyingly enjoying the cat and mouse game, where Laura and Vanessa truly suffer at the hands of it. It’s a nice contrast, I suppose.

It seems that Charlotte was right about Andrew being unsettled, for whatever reason, because his attempts to mislead and distract Charlotte seem very half arsed on their “date” at his place. “Hey, look over there!” kind of tactics. Andrew’s feeling of lost power is truly getting to him by this point, and he is clearly desperate to overpower someone. Unfortunately, it’s Charlotte who makes the big slip up as she takes too long taking an alcohol sample to test for GHB. We at least know for sure now that she is on our side. As she leaves, Andrew can’t help but make some sinister remarks about all the fun they could have had. He truly cannot help himself. I don’t think I could find him any more irritating at this point. I want him to face justice now more than ever. How can he get away with it time, and time, and time again?

The next part is probably my least favourite moment in all of Liar, in terms of production, simply because it was too convenient. Clearly, as a 6 part series, there’s not a lot of time left, and we need to get somewhere with the stash of video tapes and GHB. So, Laura meets Tom in order to tap Andrew’s phone and find out where said stash is. Oh, how convenient, it worked. Oh, how very convenient indeed, he even has a recent text from the lady who is keeping his stash. Oh, triple whammy, Tom was able to locate this woman’s address immediately. Very poor, which is disappointing following such a twisted tale of intricate detail. Although, as I’ve mentioned before, Liar does slip up sometimes when it comes to detail. This was just too blatant for me, though. Anyways – Laura visits the woman and finds the stash, boom. The woman informs Andrew. Next thing we know, Andrew is missing. Side thought: how does the woman contact Andrew when his phone was stolen by Katy/Laura/Tom? Is it even Andrew that she is contacting? How much does she know?

So has Andrew done a runner? Was he aware that his time was now truly up? Well, whether or not he did do a runner, we don’t know, because the next thing we know of Andrew Earlham is that he is dead with a violently slashed throat in the middle of the marshes where Laura peacefully kayaks alone. Oh! I have to say, after the initial disappointment of thinking Andrew had gotten away with it – AGAIN – I was morbidly delighted at the sight of Andrew’s disfigured, abandoned, lifeless body. And of course, this now opens up for season 2… who dunnit? My favourite kind of mystery.

The news reports that Andrew Earlham, wanted for numerous rape allegations, is missing and has been for a short while – a few weeks. During the report, we are shown the reactions of Tom, Vanessa, Jennifer, Luke, and Katy. Laura is shown kayaking at her usual spot. Andrew’s dead body is shown to be here. It isn’t at all decomposed – it can’t have been there for too long? Time to examine the suspects:


Katy breaks into Andrew’s locker and steals his phone for Laura. Clearly desperate to have Laura’s forgiveness. What else does she have? “I’d do anything for you, you know that.” This puts Katy in the prime suspect position, for me. Although, she does advise Laura that she truly needs to stop pursuing justice and try to move on with her life. She clearly doesn’t understand the reality of Laura’s situation, but it is unfortunate that her betrayal of Laura was unearthed at such a time where mistrust was such a vibrant theme in Laura’s life. I think this will make it harder for Katy to win Laura back. Right now Katy has nothing, back then Laura had no one – partly thanks to Katy.


I say only Jennifer, and not Vanessa, because throughout the entire season Vanessa has always been very by the book, and she has never really shown much anger, only distress. It doesn’t seem in character that Vanessa could commit such an atrocity, although, maybe that’s what they want you to think? Anyways, Jennifer is clearly some kind of army person and so she is no stranger to death. Her conversation with Vanessa following her finding out what Andrew did shows that she is completely furious with him, and at the situation. “How many more until somebody stops him?” she exclaims, and Vanessa replies with her typical legislative direction, to which Jennifer interrupts “It’s not good enough.” I can fully believe in Jennifer hunting Andrew down and executing him. Vanessa doesn’t answer any of Laura’s calls towards the end, if that means anything.


It seems that by the end of the series, Luke has come to discover that his father is in fact a monster. There’s no sign that he has come to know about the suspicious nature of his mother’s suicide regarding Andrew, but he certainly has reason to feel betrayed by his father. Anyone would be disgusted if their own flesh and blood was a serial rapist, and Luke was clearly a victim to Andrew’s manipulation in many ways too. Luke’s even been bullied due to the accusations against his father, and so, to find out that they are true must be truly unsettling for a young boy. The main problem here, though, for me, is that if Luke were to hill his father, I don’t think he would do it by slashing his throat. It’s very angry, very violent, very gruesome. If Luke were to kill Andrew, I would expect it to be more of a George and Lennie situation – mercy shot in the back of the head kinda thing.


Obviously, Laura is the main character, and Laura has great reason to want to kill Andrew Earlham. The body is also in her special kayaking place. I think that Laura is at least involved in some way, if not the main murderer. It just seems too obvious, though. I’m also not sure if Laura would be capable of killing someone. She seems to be a pretty moral person, and very kind deep down (despite her hard exterior, which she maintains for obvious reasons). Again, I think with Laura, if she were to murder Andrew, it would be with a less messy and brutal method than a cut throat. Although, she has certainly shown signs of anger throughout the series and she arguably wants justice brought onto Andrew more than anyone else. It seems strange, though, that Laura would resort to this, having found the video evidence of Andrew’s attacks, hard solid evidence of his crimes. If he did run away, and she managed to track him down, maybe this would be Laura’s way of dealing with him once and for all. No more slipping through the cracks.


I don’t think it will be Liam or Tom. Liam is very far detached from the story-line with Andrew, particularly by this point, and Tom doesn’t seem over-involved either. Yes, he has helped Laura along the way, and has had his own mini run-ins with Andrew, but I don’t think any of this warrants for him killing Andrew. We can also consider Andrew’s late wife’s mother, and the friend of his late wife who was also a victim to his attacks. The video recordings also proved at least 17 other women to be victims too. Could it be any of them?

Does anyone think otherwise? Who killed Andrew Earlham?



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