This Week’s Vegan Winners And Losers (4)

Find out who tickles our vegan pickles and who is really taking the gherkin.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – WB 27/11/17

Going up…

Pizza Hut


Another one. Pizza Hut will tomorrow (Wednesday 29th November) be launching vegan cheese across all of their stores in the UK.

VEGANS. You asked. We listened. Our Vegan Cheese is here to stay in ALL HUTS NATIONWIDE!

The news has been retweeted over a thousand times and liked over three thousand times – it’s clearly a well received revelation. As for the bases, vegan friendly ones are: pan, all American thin, and the flatbread crusts. It is currently only in dine-in huts and so not available for delivery, but I’m sure us vegans will show that the demand is definitely there. Unfortunately, it also comes with £1 added to your bill… which isn’t done by any other big chain… I’m really not happy about that and I know many other vegans are feeling a bit miffed too. But, the option is there, which is certainly something. And don’t forget about the Pizza Hut salad bar! I will definitely be heading to Pizza Hut sometime soon now – I haven’t been for over a year (since becoming vegan). The move follows Zizzi and Pizza Express who have already been offering vegan cheese for some time. Will Domino’s be the next to follow suit?

(Image taken from Vegan Food UK which was shared by Chris Crawford – great surname. Not sure how he accessed the vegan Pizza Hut early or how he received it delivery style. Some kids have all the luck. All the best to you, Chris Crawford)

By Chloe

New York City vegan burger joint By Chloe will be coming to the UK, opening a store in London, just off Covent Garden Piazza. No exact news as to when the chain will be opening, yet, all we know is that it should be Autumn 2017 and it’s “coming soon”. Exciting times!


Popular dishes at By Chloe include vegan mac n cheese with sweet potato cashew cheese sauce (ugh, yum?!), a quinoa taco salad, a guacamole burger, matcha kelp noodles, shiitake bacon and almond parmesan. Can I get a Amen?


Everything is 100% vegan and plant based, and all of their to-go packaging is also recyclable and/or compostable. Why can’t more places be like you, By Chloe?

Going down…



For years, I have cursed the name. I tutted at the thought. My brain seems to be programmed for me to utter “f*&@ing Greggs” every time I see one. Sausage rolls, steak bakes, bacon rolls, anything greasy and stuffed full of meat. I remember a year or two ago, they even released a “healthy” range that included a KATSU CHICKEN CURRY PASTY. Please! Greggs was the enemy. However, I found out about a month ago that there was just one little diamond in the rough: the Belgian Bun (as pictured above with my Pret baguette). It happened to be that Belgian Buns were what we call “accidentally vegan”. Not intentionally made suitable, but an innocent recipe which coincidentally allows for us vegan eaters to indulge. Lots of things are “accidentally vegan” from crumpets to Oreos. So, I gave in. I entered a Greggs and I bought a Belgian Bun: it was delicious. I returned since then on two occasions for more. What a fool I was.

A few days ago on Twitter, Greggs confirmed that the Belgian Bun will NO LONGER BE SUITABLE FOR VEGANS. A recipe change which involves the addition of both eggs and milk means that it’s off the table. And the reason why? Well, here’s the official message they keep pasting to people complaining on twitter…

We’ve changed the recipe of the Belgian bun we make in our Gosforth bakery and sell in our North East shops. As part of a trial, we have added milk and egg to improve the nutritional balance. We will be listening to customer feedback on the change.

To improve nutritional balance. Like anybody is buying a Belgian Bun for its nutritional benefits! And, furthermore, a simple decrease in size and increase in fruit content would surely have sufficed. How pathetic! Well, as with any news in the vegan community, this has spread like wildfire. It is purported that the change is only a trial, and only in the North East, but I would bet it will be here to stay. The nutritional information has already been changed in many stores not in the North East (according to my sources), and Greggs has a habit of doing things just to ruin my day. Greggs can get lost. F*$%ing Greggs.


Even if the recipe does not ultimately change, they’ve done enough damage as far as I am concerned. They’re clearly not behind the vegan movement and fail to respect our purchase power (and need for cheap food on the go). Instead, I’ll be heading a few doors down to M&S and purchasing this 2 pack of Iced & Spiced Buns! This was recommended by @CannyFood on Twitter (it is also her photograph), who is also a blogger and Vegan Restaurant Week organiser.


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Vegan Winners And Losers (4)

  1. Oh God Greggs, WHY???! That’s one of those things I laughed at but internally am crying like LITERALLY WHY? (Not that I have ever eaten one of these but still). I literally just wrote a post about vegan pizza hut so was wondering if it would come up on this list! Absolutely love these posts of yours ✌


  2. your vegan winners and losers post series are such a good idea – this is the only one i have read all the way through but its fantastic! cant wait to read more after the holiday season!


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