10 Legendary Foods You Can Still Eat as a Vegan

Despite the glaring evidence contra the case, many people still believe that going vegan means never eating anything delicious or fun ever again. That is not correct! There are so many snacks and treats that you can still eat as a vegan – it’s not all about vegetables, you know? This doesn’t have to mean that you spend loads of money on “free from” products that are specifically designed for and marketed at vegans and allergy sufferers, either. Plenty of products are “accidentally vegan” which means they just so happen to be vegan, without purposefully intending to be. So, here are some legendary foods in the UK that you can still eat as a vegan…

Disclaimer: ALWAYS check the label for yourself and do your own research.

P.s. Don’t be put off by “May contain milk” or “Not suitable for milk allergy sufferers” warnings. This does not mean that milk is an ingredient in the product, only that it is an ingredient used in the factory. They cannot therefore 100% rule out the risk of cross contamination and it is largely a case of legalities. Obviously, if you do have a milk allergy, consume at your own risk. Most vegans I know, including myself, happily eat foods with these warnings as long as the ingredients list is vegan.

  1. Bourbons

The God tier of chocolate biscuits, our old friend, the Bourbon. You can still dunk your chocolately little friend into a cup of tea, because Bourbons are vegan. There’s a little fine print here because not ALL bourbons are vegan but most varieties are – just check the ingredients for milk. To save you some of the legwork, here are some Bourbons that are definitely vegan (at the time of this blog publishing): Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda.

2. Skips

A childhood favourite, Skips prawn cocktail flavoured crisps are in fact vegan. Perfect for a picnic or a packed lunch, you can still fill up your crisps cupboards with Skips. The only downside to this is that I always end up eating about 5 bags in a row because they are just too good. How is a somehow fizzy crisp good?!

3. Pink Panthers

Not everyone knows what I am talking about when I mention these, but Pink Panthers are a special biscuit. I say special because, well, they are pink! Most of my favourite childhood food is pink, actually, because if it was pink, I had to have it. It’s probably why my favourite crisp flavour is prawn cocktail. Anyways, Pink Panthers are vanilla flavoured wafer biscuits with a cream filling and they are fab. Get some!

4. Crumpets

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that crumpets are vegan. For some reason, I just expected them to contain egg. Well, they don’t! And everybody loves a crumpet! Steer clear of the thinner, flatter variety of crumpets usually labelled as pikelets because they often contain milk, but a quick check of the ingredients list on crumpets should confirm for you that they are vegan and ready to go into your face at record speeds, dripping with raspberry jam.

5. Millions

My most favouritist sweets ever, all varieties of Millions are vegan friendly. The best flavour, of course, is bubblegum, but they also come in strawberry, lemon, orange, raspberry, cola, apple, and blackcurrant. Not only are these little legends great to snack on as sweets, they also blend great with vegan milk & ice cream to make milkshakes.

6. Hash browns

Another safe bet on the breakfast table is usually the common hash brown. The standard ingredients are usually just potato, oil, and seasoning, so there’s no reason why people should be fixing what ain’t broke. Maybe a little onion or two joins the scenes from time to time, but rest assured, as a vegan, you can still enjoy hash browns. And thank goodness for that!

7. Oreos

People seem to debate this to no end, because the actual Oreo website states that their biscuits are not vegan. However, this is because of cross-contamination risk! That’s it! It didn’t bother us before, so why should it now? I once came across an Oreo representative giving out new flavour samples in Leeds city centre and she told me herself that all flavours were vegan except from the peanut butter ones (sadly, I don’t know why). So enjoy yourself some Oreos! I love the plain ones, but sometimes I opt for the strawberry cheesecake or mint flavour. Oreos are another great thing to blend with vegan milk & ice cream to make milkshakes, FYI.

8. Chilli Heatwave Doritos

Yes, you read that right, the superior Doritos flavour is in fact vegan. Avoid the Cool Original and Tangy Cheese flavours as they contain milk (weirdos), but the Lightly Salted and Chilli Heatwave variety are completely vegan friendly. We only care about Chilli Heatwave anyway! What a delicious crisp! I love you, Chilli Heatwave Doritos!

9. Party Rings

Another childhood favourite, Party Rings are yet another vegan friendly biscuit. I used to love picking out my favourite colours, wearing them on my fingers (with great difficulty), and scraping off the sugary topping with my front teeth. Used to – who am I kidding? I do this all the time! Party Rings are vegan, baby! Let the fiesta begin!

10. Pot Noodles

Let’s end on another controversial note, because, why not? That orange slug is president of the United States, so, clearly anything is possible at this point. The reason this point is controversial is because Pot Noodle is owned by Unilever – Unilever is an animal-testing giant. So, not everyone agrees with vegans buying Pot Noodles, but I know many who still do. I myself dabble from time to time when the hangover is too real. The UK Pot Noodle flavours that are currently vegan include: Beef & Tomato, Bombay Bad Boy, and the very best, Sweet & Sour. Put kettle on!


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