Where to Eat Vegan in Split

Split is absolutely beautiful and I need to return here some day. It wasn’t overflowing with vegan places, but there were many dotted about. I had at least 3 positive vegan meals out during my 5 days visiting, so it’s not impossible to dine out there.


Bistro Toc

Now, unfortunately, Bistro Toc does serve meat and seafood. However, they always have vegan options available and it is clearly written that they do on their sign. This place is popular and gets full up around 7pm, so arrive early or book in to avoid disappointment! I was served a chickpea curry with vegetables and rice, can’t complain. It was delicious and nutritious, and the waiter was so lovely, helpful, and hilarious! Please don’t be put off by the meat, because it was a very positive experience for me, and it’s good to show meat joints that it’s worth offering vegan options too!


Again, unfortunately, Matoni is not an exclusively vegan restaurant. It serves meat, and in fact, there’s only 2 vegan starters, 1 vegan dessert and 1 vegan main. Doesn’t sound promising, does it? It was absolutely delicious, though. Not cheap, but the staff are very attentive. The winning dish was definitely the vegetatar starter: beetroot and carrot tatare, tofu cream with black olives, dried tomatoes, and almonds. My boyfriend and I talk about this dish all the time and we are going to try to recreate it one day. It was delicious spread onto bread, and, to be honest, I’d have been more than happy with this as my main course. Onto the main course, though, which is the Dalmatofu main: smoked tofu with Mediterranean herbs, orzotto (barley) and kale, sauteed pepper, and chilli. It’s not often that tofu is served smoked and so I really enjoyed that, and the rest of the dish was very nutritious and enjoyable. I would happily go again despite having to have the same dishes again, because they were truly delicious and the restaurant was lovely.



Again, another meat-serving restaurant I’m afraid, but in a place like Split, I’m just grateful for the vegan options. Here I had wok tofu which was jam packed with vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Neither expensive nor cheap, it was very satisfying and I was happy to have found this place. The setting was absolutely stunning, as Galerija is located within the palace walls, and so you should definitely choose to dine in the outdoor area here. I think there was one more vegan option, too.


There was actually a vegan fast-food place in Split, called Vege Fast Food which I would have visited given the time (and had I not been rapidly running out of cash). It’s located in the city centre near the green market and it serves all sorts of different vegan dishes. If I ever get to revisit Split, this will be the first place that I go. Another couple of places I would like to visit on returning to Split are the Superfood Smoothie Bar and Makro Vega vegetarian restaurant.

Don’t forget to download the Happy Cow app for £3.99 because it is an absolute life saver in day to day life, and especially when travelling.


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