The Best Resources for Vegans

We live in the age of information! Don’t tackle those first few months of veganism in the dark… there are so many resources available to help you.

  1. Happy Cow

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Happy Cow is a fantastic app for your smart phone that tells you all the vegan-friendly places nearby wherever you are in the world. I used it when I went travelling for 3 weeks: from Berlin, to Warsaw, to Krakow, to Budapest, to Split! Or you can use it closer to home – I often use it around Sheffield and Leeds. It costs £3.99 on an iPhone but it is 1000% worth it. Never settle for chips again!

2. Womble

Image result for vegan wombleVegan Womble is a community blog “for everything vegan”. It’s a great place to find information about upcoming vegan events, lots of vegan recipes, and even the most recent vegan lists for all the big supermarkets which is really handy when you’re supermarket shopping as a vegan for the first few times. They also sell vegan merch!

3. Mad Rabbits

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Mad Rabbits is a small intersectional animal rights movement and their blog is a fantastic place to find information. It is American based, but still a good one to keep in mind.

4. The Vegan Kind

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The Vegan Kind website is a place where you can subscribe to lots of different types of vegan goodie boxes, and it has a supermarket section too! There you will find lots of food, drink, beauty products, household/cleaning products, books, and gifts to buy.

5. Accidentally Vegan UK (Instagram)

If you like Instagram, a great one to follow is @accidentallyveganuk. It is run by The Vegan Kind, and it is a collection of all the fantastic “accidentally” vegan products that people come across in UK supermarkets. Accidentally vegan means not purpose-made, like vegan meats and cheeses, but standard food products that just so happen to be vegan. This includes Chilli Heatwave Doritos, for example!

6. Vegan Supermarket Finds UK (Facebook)

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A similar thing is available on Facebook too, Vegan Supermarket Finds UK. This is community driven, so lots of people post the things that they have found.

7. Barnivore

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Since some alcohol isn’t vegan due to containing milk/eggs or being processed with isinglass, it’s good to check your beverages are vegan-friendly too! You can do this on a website called Barnivore, although it’s best to take this site with a pinch of salt as they deem cross-contamination risk as non-vegan (this means that vegan alcohol made in non-vegan factories is listed as non-suitable here). Just do a bit of cross-referencing.

8. Veganuary


One of the best resources that I have come across is the Veganuary website. It contains lots of information about why veganism is important, as well as tips on how to cook at home, how to dine out, lots of recipes, and even a starter kit.

It’s also beneficial to connect with lots of other vegans on social media – on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not only will you be able to share information but it’s also great to make new friends too! Does anyone else know of any fantastic vegan resources?


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