The Best Vegan Meat Imitation Products in the UK

Some people find it strange that people who don’t eat meat would want to eat something that looks, tastes, and feels like meat. But, most of us grew up eating meal all the time. It can make transitioning from omnivore to vegan easier. And often, meat imitation products are quicker and easier to cook than veg. I wouldn’t rely on vegan meats, but a couple of times a week works well for me. I never had a problem with the taste of meat. I just don’t like animal cruelty. If we can have something similar to meat without the cruelty – why wouldn’t we? Here are some of the best vegan meat imitation products on the UK market…

Linda McCartney

Lots and lots of Linda McCartney products are vegan – but not all of them, so always read the label. Vegan products will have “suitable for vegans” listed on the front.

Although I’m not a fan myself, most people love Linda McCartney sausages. Even big meat eaters! So they’re definitely worth giving a go. Have them on a sandwich, as part of a fry-up, or chopped up in pasta dishes.

My favourite Linda McCartney product is the pulled pork burgers. They used to contain honey, but the company listened to our feedback and they veganised the recipe! Absolutely love one of these on a soft white bread bun.

Linda McCartney also make a vegan pulled chicken which has such a lovely texture and taste. I add this to pasta, mostly, like my pesto pasta dishes.

There’s also a shredded hoisin duck that is good in a stir fry, or you can imitate the duck pancakes that you find at Chinese restaurants.

Although Linda McCartney scampi doesn’t really taste or feel like scampi, it does taste and feel like fish. Which is kinda weird. Nice though. This is one of my lazy faves to have with chips and peas.

The country pies are also great comfort food, that I like to eat with veg and mash. Lovely to come home to during the dark cold winter.

Everybody also loves Linda McCartney sausages rolls, which make fab party food. I served them at my birthday gathering and they were gone in seconds.


Again, Quorn now has lots of vegan products but the majority of Quorn is only vegetarian as it contains egg. Vegan quorn has “vegan” written on the front of the packaging on a green banner.

One of my faves is the hot n spicy burgers which are a bit like chicken. I usually have them on a sandwich with avocado and sweet chilli sauce! Or you can serve them up on a plate with some veg. I know lots of people cut them into strips and add it to salad!

My absolute fave Quorn product is the nuggets which are so delicious and moreish. I eat these probably once a fortnight with some potato smiley faces and baked beans. Don’t care if it’s childish – it’s quick, easy, and super yum!

A recently released vegan quorn product is the fajita strips which I’m really enjoying. I have fried them up with peppers, onions, and mushrooms and served them in a tortilla wrap. You could also have them with rice or nachos.


All Fry’s Family Food products are vegan so you don’t need to worry here! Everything is good to go.

A firm fan favourite is the chicken nuggets which people tend to prefer to the Quorn ones (not me though). Again: fast, easy, yummy.

Absolutely perfect for a barbecue, get your hands on the Braai-Style sausages, that you could also serve up with mash, veg and gravy.

People also speak highly of the battered prawn-style pieces and chicken style strips, but I haven’t tried either of those yet.

VBites – Cheatin’

Everything from VBites is vegan, and Cheatin’ is one range of their products (another is VegiDeli).

Sometimes, you just want a simple sandwich and a great filling can be the meat free chicken slices. You can obviously also add these to a wrap or a salad!

They also do various roasts, like the turkey roast that I had for Christmas dinner.

Marks and Spencer

This supermarket chain is definitely popular with vegans lately, since they have been adding lots of new vegan products to their shelves.

One of these products is the new vegan chunks which are supposed to imitate chicken. I’ve not yet tried them myself but they’ve only had rave reviews!


Something that is fab for adding to pasta dishes or chillis is some vegetarian mince, and I really like the Sainsbury’s version of this.

They also make meat-free meat balls which are fab if you’re making spaghetti or having a sloppy sub sandwich!


2 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Meat Imitation Products in the UK

  1. Such a helpful post! Will defo recommend the fajita strips to my sister:) I personally hate the taste and texture of meat (reason I originally went veggie) so I stay far away from meat subs, looove tofu though😻


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