10+ Vegan Friendly Breakfast Cereals in the UK

As a vegan, you can still have your breakfast cereal in a morning, not to worry. Instead of using cow milk, switch to a plant milk instead: oat, soy, almond, rice, coconut, hemp, cashew. Whatever takes your fancy! That’s the easy part. Now: which cereals are vegan?

Unfortunately, like with most things, not all cereals are vegan. Easy ingredients to look out for are of course milk and honey! However, vitamin D can also be a red flag. Many companies, including Kellogg’s, source their vit D from lanolin. This is grease from sheep’s wool. It is therefore not vegan.

Not to worry, there are still many vegan cereals out there on the market! It’s just about finding out which ones!


Everybody’s favourite landscape cereal, Weetabix are vegan. Vegan and delicious! I love having three Weetabix biscuits and splashing over them with lots of creamy oat milk. Weetabix is great because you can also add toppings of your choice, such as fruit, and nuts.

Weetabix Crispy Minis – Chocolate

The slightly cooler, younger brother of Weetabix, Weetabix Crispy Minis are vegan too. I am addicted to the chocolate chip variety! It’s probably my favourite cereal. You can also get Crispy Minis in Banana flavour and in Fruit and Nut flavour.

Unicorn Froot Loops

Despite what I said earlier about Kellogg’s, these special edition Unicorn Froot Loops are totally vegan friendly because they don’t contain vitamin D! Unfortunately, I don’t know for how much longer you can get hold of these. I found them in Asda and in B&M, but recently in B&M they weren’t there. There’s always incessantly tweeting at a company on twitter until they bend to your every whim!

Fruit Wheats

I absolutely love fruit wheats and as you can see in the image provided, they come in so many varieties. My personally favourite is the blueberry wheats, but I like all the flavours. You can get these in own-brand versions from most supermarkets – just don’t forget to check the ingredients for yourself!

Shredded Wheat

The boring cousin of Weetabix, Shredded Wheat is another vegan breakfast option. They are just oversized fruit wheats without the fun bit, but if they float your boat – get em!


Yes! Vegans can still have some fun cereal, too! Shreddies, Frosted Shreddies, and Coco Shreddies by Nestlé are all vegan friendly.

Tesco Cinnamon Squares


The Nestlé brand of these – Curiously Cinnamon – contain questionable vitamin D, but the Tesco version are completely fine and vegan. Cheaper too!

Tesco Free From Choco Snaps


If you like chocolate, you can still have your chocolatey morning fix. Here is a rip off version of Coco Pops (which are not vegan), this Tesco Free From version is completely vegan friendly.

Aldi / Harvest Moon Choco Pillows

If you reaaaaally like chocolate, then this is the cereal for you. Another rip off: this Harvest Moon cereal, available at Aldi, mimicks Krave cereal. Pillows of chocolatey goodness!

Aldi / Harvest Moon Multi-Grain Hoops

You guessed it – another rip off! These Harvest Moon multi-grain Hoops available at Aldi are completely vegan and are just a little bit like Cheerios. But better! Because they’re cheaper, and vegan.

Asda Choco Curls and Choco Balls

More rip off cereals at cheap prices with vegan friendly recipes: choco curls and choco balls from Asda.

Asda Smart Price Crispy Rice

crispy rice

Sometimes, a bowl of “crispy rice” does the trick and at 38p here at Asda, you really can’t complain.

Co Op Strawberry Crisp

This Strawberry cereal from Co Op is a little bit like Kellogg’s Special K cereals. Only, again, it is vegan and a lot cheaper.

So, there you have it! Loads of vegan cereals to choose from. And this is definitely not an exhaustive list. There will be many more vegan choices on the market! Just, don’t forget to do your own research and check the ingredients for yourself.

Obviously, porridge can easily be made vegan using water and/or plant milks instead of cow milk. Also, lots and lots of muesli cereals are vegan – too many to list. If that’s the kind of misery you subscribe to in a morning, be my guest, but you’ll have to hunt that down and read the ingredients for yourself. This is a muesli free family.

7 thoughts on “10+ Vegan Friendly Breakfast Cereals in the UK

  1. Ooooh. There are so many choices. I usually get porridge but I do like to treat myself to cereal sometimes 🙂 I love mini weetabix!


  2. I went to the UK last week and I was amazed by the wide choice of vegan cereals! I am currently living in the Netherlands which is a great country to live in if you are vegan but when it comes to breakfast cereals.. not comparable to the UK at all 😦 Loved to read this post though! x


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