10 Vegan Toast Toppings

A question that I get asked a lot as a vegan, is “what do you eat for breakfast?”

I suppose in our culture, like in many, our breakfast meal somewhat revolves around meat and dairy products and what not. Milk in your cereal, butter on your toast, bacon, eggs, etc. Of course, you can simply switch the cow milk in your cereal for one of the many delicious plant milks on the market. And of course there are lots and lots of vegan sausages! But what about toast?

Here are 10 ideas for vegan toast toppings…



So, of course, it’s not “real” butter, but there are loads of vegan spreads available to buy. My absolute favourite is VitaLite which I usually lather all over my crumpets. You can also get coconut spreads, avocado based spreads, rapeseed spreads, and many other types too. It may seem boring, but sometimes you cannot beat the simplicity of a hot cuppa and a couple of buttery slices of toast.

Peanut Butter & Banana

A firm favourite in the vegan community, peanut butter and bananas on toast is so simple yet so delicious. You can also top with cinnamon or ginger or whatever spices you like, if you want to make it a little more fancy.

Peanut Butter & Apple

Another winning combo is peanut butter again but with apple instead of banana. Lots of people like to dip apple slices into peanut butter, so why not throw bread into the mix.



Perhaps a very obvious one, these days, as avocado on toast seems to be the talk of the town. It’s for a reason, though, as it’s super yummy. Mash your avocado in a bowl first with some lime juice and pepper then spread it onto your toast. Mix things up by adding a layer of Marmite first, or spice things up with some chilli flakes.

Baked Beans

Another great British classic, beans on toast is one of my very favourite meals. High fibre, low fat, packed with protein and one of your five a day. Amaze. So simple yet so satisfying! Use either brown or white toast, it’s fantastic either way, and sprinkle salt, pepper, and paprika on top for extra yumminess.

Blueberries and Jam

If you have a sweeter tooth, most jam is completely vegan friendly. Add blueberries for some extra flavour and sweetness. I like to have peanut butter with my jam too – peanut butter & jelly as they call it across the pond.

Mushroom Paste

It may sound weird, but mushrooms on toast is super delish. Not just fried or baked mushrooms, but mushroom paste. You can buy Porcini from Tesco, for example, that is super yummy on toast. Or have a go at making some yourself:

Chocolate Spread and Berries

Obviously, a lot of chocolate spreads contain milk, but there are still vegan ones out there. There are loads available here from the Vegan Kind Supermarket. Add some strawberries and/or raspberries – delicious!

Tomato & Vegan Cheese


Everybody loves cheese on toast and that doesn’t have to stop when you’re vegan. I love Sainsburys free-from cheddar style coconut cheese alternative because it melts so well. I usually spread tomato purée on my toast first then add some sliced or grated cheese and put it under the grill. You can do this with fresh tomatoes, though, too! I just love tomato purée. Shit’s delicious.

Marmite & Vegan Cheese

Another vegan cheese combo you can go for is with a bit of Marmite. It’s good to eat some Marmite every now and again cause it contains vitamin B12! And it’s good to combine it with vegan cheese and even some avocado, because Marmite is disgusting on its own. Yes it is.

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