15+ Great VEGAN Tweeters to Follow

I’ve done a few pieces recommending fabulous vegan Instagrammers to follow, but we mustn’t forget our dear old friend Twitter. I prefer Twitter over Instagram for online activism, because word spreads faster on there. The chronological format allows for better conversation, and the retweet function means that there’s potential for your vegan posts to be shared to all sorts of people – particularly outside of the vegan sphere, where it perhaps matters most. Twitter is also great because it is possible to create a “thread” – several tweets linked together. Vegans often use this to group lots of useful information or handy food diaries together, which is very useful indeed. That’s not to say that I don’t love Instagram for vegan advocacy, cause it can be a great place for recipe inspo, and for showing how to incorporate veganism into your lifestyle, but Twitter enables dialogue.

Below, I have some suggestions of great vegans to follow on twitter, whether it be for their excellent information, impressive activism, mouth-watering food pics, blog/youtube links, or just cute videos of animals! I’ve included some simple examples of how they share their veganism on twitter, click through to their profiles to find out more for yourself!


















Know any more fantastic vegans of Twitter?

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