11+ Vegan Friendly Skincare Brands

Another concern regarding animal testing, aside from make up and hair products, is skincare! Unfortunately, many skin care products are made by companies that conduct animal testing either themselves or via third parties. They are therefore not cruelty free! We also, as vegans, want to avoid animal ingredients like collagen, honey, eggs, lanolin, and more. Not to worry, though, because there are so many vegan-friendly brands and products out there to try. I’ve compiled a list here of just some of the many fantastic companies creating vegan friendly skincare and beauty products!

Before you go on, here’s a lil key to understanding what we mean when we talk about cruelty-free and/or vegan skincare products…

Cruelty-free: not tested on animals

Vegan: does not contain animal products

Products can be cruelty-free and not vegan, but they cannot be vegan and not cruelty-free. Got it? I’ve added below each brand whether it is completely vegan, or whether only a selection of their products are vegan.


Bybi beauty

Completely vegan

Bybi is an fantastic brand to support because not only is it cruelty free, but it is also 100% vegan too! As a company, they put a lot of emphasis on the importance of transparency which is an impressive and important asset to have. The brand only launched last year, so show some love and support! Available to buy from Asos, Riley Rose, Anthropologie, Beauty Bay, Beauty Mart, and Skinny Dip.



Not completely vegan

Superdrug is my favourite place to shop for skincare! All their own-brand products are cruelty free, and everything is clearly labelled when it’s vegetarian/vegan. You can get all sorts, from cleanser and night creams, to shaving foam and fake tan.


Superdrug also has a skincare line called “B.” (pictured above) which offers skincare in four different “phases” for different stages of your life. This entire collection is vegan, too, so dive straight in and treat yourself!


Superdrug also has a range of sun-care called Solait, so you can also stay safe in the sun without being mean to bunnies.



Plant Apothecary

Completely vegan

Plant Apothecary is a unisex skincare range, cruelty-free and completely vegan! They currently do not ship internationally, unfortunately, but there are various stockists in the UK. Enter your location on the page below to find out where you can buy some Plant Apothecary products for yourself! I super love the trendy, minimalist packaging.



Not completely vegan

Probably an extremely obvious one, but Lush is a fantastic place to go for vegan skincare products. Everything is cruelty free, and vegan products are clearly labelled. Their face masks are lovely, and they’re so fresh that you have to keep them in the fridge! They also have scrubs, cleansers, toners, body lotions, moisturisers and more.


Skin Owl

Completely vegan

Skin Owl is, of course, cruelty free, and it is also 100% vegan! It’s based in the USA, but you can hold of Skin Owl products through Cult Beauty, Safe and Chic, Carbon Beauty, Great Beauty, Beauty-Heroes, and Pretty Pure Beauty. Beautiful!


The Body Shop

Not completely vegan

The Body Shop is a cruelty free brand and many of their products are suitable for vegans. The website has a vegan section under the “trending” tab if you want to look at all their vegan products in one place, but each individual product on the site has whether it is vegan listed in its information. My favourite ranges available at The Body Shop are Tea Tree, Seaweed, and the Drops of Youth collection. Much of these ranges is suitable for vegans!


Skyn Iceland

Completely vegan

Skyn Iceland is completely cruelty-free AND vegan, which is awesome to know! They no longer ship internationally, but you can get their products from Amazon, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty, Effortless Skin, Sulis and Thermae, and Marks & Spencer.



Not completely vegan

(Image originally shared by Glossier from @shannon_brigid on Instagram)

Glossier is, of course, cruelty free, and they ship to everywhere in the UK. You can find out whether a Glossier product is vegan by checking the “claims” section of its product information on the site. I think they have about 14 different vegan products! I super want to try Solution which is an face exfoliating skin perfecter.



Completely vegan

Pai is a great one for sensitive skin, and all of their products are vegan – in fact they are certified by The Vegan Society! They sell products for mothers and babies, too, which is nice, and they value being transparent with customers about their products and about their brand, which is really important for vegans.



Completely vegan

Another great 100% vegan skincare range, Odacité is made in California with inspiration from the French. They ship internationally, or you can check their stockists page to find out where you can buy their products near you.



Raw Passion

Completely vegan

Raw Passion is an organic and completely vegan skincare brand. They have products available for your doggos too, which is something very special! You can order Raw Passion skincare online.




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