Where to Eat Vegan in Leeds This Valentine’s Day

It’s finally February and the month of St Valentine! And what better way to celebrate than by stuffing your face with vegan food in a fancy setting? I’ve picked out 6 restaurants in Leeds that not only bring the vegan goods, but also have a special setting and ambience to bring that je-ne-sais-quoi to an evening of romance.

The Botanist



I absolutely adore the Botanist, it’s usually one of my go-tos for a couple of cocktails or glasses of wine. The setting is super rustic, with plants, and candles, and mismatched wooden furniture. It’s very Instagrammable! There will be live music every evening of Valentine’s week, and special Valentine’s cocktails too. Not only that, but there’s also a three-course vegan menu! I’d be going for Truffle Mushrooms to start, Malaysian Vegetable Curry for main, and a Grilled Pineapple and Watermelon Kebab for afters. Or maybe the Banana, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream. It’s too tough to choose!

Botanist has only recently drawn up a vegan menu, so whether you are able to dine here in the near-future or not, maybe show your support for their wise decision on social media or drop them an email!





(Images both taken by @blessicious on Instagram)

Tattu specialises in Chinese cuisine, and there are only 2 Tattu restaurants in the country: Leeds and Manchester. They are the most Instagrammable places I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, their specially designed Valentine’s menu isn’t exactly vegan friendly, and the standard menu isn’t overflowing with vegan choice… however, the Vegetarian Chicken is vegan, in addition to a few other bits, and their website claims to have a vegan menu available upon request 48 hours before dining… it’s always good to show that demand. Dinner is served from 5-10.45pm!


All Bar One – Greek Street



(Images taken from @allbarone (left) and @allbaroneleeds (right) on Instagram)

There are 2 All Bar One locations in Leeds – Millenium Square and Greek Street. I recommend Greek Street just cause it’s a super fancy part of town. Both locations are nice, though!



We like All Bar One because they created a super huge super special vegan menu in honour of Veganuary and the menu continues for the duration of February. Let’s show our appreciation and demand – maybe the more popular items on the menu will stick around for good! They’ve even gone to the trouble of labelling which alcohol is vegan.


Little Tokyo



(Both images my own)

Little Tokyo is one of the best loved restaurants in the city. Although the restaurant does serve meat and dairy, any vegan asking for recommendations will be directed towards Little Tokyo. There are so many vegan options, and those options are delicious. I would definitely recommend the vegan (“vegetarian”) chicken legs, and vege gyoza – and time and time again people recommend the vegan (“vegetarian”) mango duck. You can also get sushi here, if that takes your fancy. If you’d prefer, they have put together a Valentine’s menu that includes vegan options. Also, if you’re tight for cash, Little Tokyo is probably the lowest priced restaurant on this list.

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The Cosy Club



(Left image taken from @glutenshe on Instagram, right image taken from @kinga_86 on Instagram)

The Cosy Club is located on Albion Street, only recently opening – and their vegan menu is huge. Maybe their breakfasts and sandwiches aren’t right for this occasion, but it’s good to know they are there! Their vegan main dishes are perfectly appropriate for a Valentine’s dinner, though. I’m very tempted by their Moroccan Tabouleh… or maybe The Empire Curry. So much choice! You can book a table with them on their website. Food is served until 10pm, and Sunday-Thursday between 4-8pm, Cocktails are 2 for £9.95.






(Left image taken by @ayurvedanayoga on Instagram, right image my own)

If you like Indian food, then head to Hansa’s. Award winning Gujarati cuisine, I often go here for my birthday celebrations because the food is fantastic – and the menu is entirely vegetarian (and vegan). I love the setting here, and the service is fantastic too.

You can call to book, or reserve a table on their website using the booking form.



One thought on “Where to Eat Vegan in Leeds This Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank you so much for including some of the menus here! Even though Leeds is (quite literally) hundreds of miles from me I always love seeing what’s on offer! I think my favourite would probably be The Botanist or Cosy Club (that vegan breakfast!!)


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