This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (14)

Find out who we like, and who if we saw them one day in the street by chance and we realised who they were then we would say “on yer bike!”

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 12/02/18

Going up…

Tom Ford

(Words above snipped from Dazed’s coverage)

Tom Ford the brand has announced its phasing out of animal fur, following Tom Form the gentlefellow turning to a plant based diet. He cites an anti-fur protester as part of the inspiration, and the What The Health documentary, showing that our vegan voices matter and do make a difference to the animals. Good!


I know, this is a little hard to take. MAC is actually being included in a Vegan Winners and Losers post… as a winner?! Unfortunately, and disappointingly, they still test on animals. However, they have… strangely quietly… been replacing their animal fur make up brushes with synthetic make up brushes! It seems the changeover began in December 2017. Good news coming from one of the most popular make up brands.

Going down…


How many vegans actually do this? I can believe that it happens amongst pescetarians and vegetarians… but vegans? Nah. Keep our names out ya mouth.

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