Where to Eat Vegan in Sheffield 

These days, I can’t decide which city is better for vegans: Leeds or Sheffield. What do you think? Here are some of the vegan gems in Steel City…

Make No Bones (vegan)

Make No Bones on Chesterfield road is a fab place to go for lunch or dinner, just make sure you book a table! It’s super popular, and you can see why. The food is delicious and inventive too! Their famed dish is their Avocado Wings which is chunks of avocado fried in a delicious batter and served with sriracha and and ranch sauce. You have to try them if you go! I was also super impressed by their Homemade Seitan Ribs (available as chilli or BBQ flavour). I generally don’t really enjoy seitan but I super enjoyed this dish and would order it again and again. There are loads of other side dishes to choose from as well as sandwiches and other dishes to have for your main! Be warned, it will take you a while to choose. So much deliciousness on offer.

Four Corners (Serves meat)

Four Corners canteen on Abbeydale Road is a nice little spot for lunch. Unfortunately, it does serve meat and dairy, but there is usually at least one vegan option on the menu and a vegetarian option that can be veganised. They also serve milkshakes with almond/coconut/oat milk bases! Pictured above is the masala flatbread and rice which was super delicious, and I think it was only around £5. I’ve also seen them offering vegan stir fried noodles, and vegan Thai red curry with tofu. They also seem to have vegan bakes from time to time which is fab news! It’s a good one if you’re passing by.

BurgerLolz / The Burger Garden (as of March 2018) (vegan)

Also on Abbeydale Road, there’s Burgerlolz which is completely vegan! They updated the menu in the new year meaning there are loads of exciting things to choose from:  burgers, hot dogs, loaded fries, ribs, quesadillas, all day breakfasts, fried “chicken”, mac n cheese, freakshakes and more! I went for a cheesey hot dog which was delish! I unfortunately didn’t have much room in my tummy that day, but I’ll definitely be heading back for a feast another day! They also have a bit of a pink theme going on which I can certainly get behind.

Forum (serves meat)

Forum is a bar on Devonshire Street, and they added a slice bar not too long ago. That means pizza – by the slice at £2.50! One of the pizzas they have on offer is vegan, “The Veg Prince”, complete with vegan cheese, red peppers, sweetcorn, and black olives. It’s a smart move, Forum, cause now I will always choose you over other bars in that area. It’s super delicious too, I always go back for seconds. Gimme da pizza!

Blue Moon Cafe (vegetarian)

Blue Moon is a canteen style cafe on St James row next to Sheffield Cathedral. The setting is stunning with white & blue walls and super high ceilings, and the food isn’t bad either. They have pasties and cakes, and hot mains that you can team with a selection from their salad bar. Unfortunately the place isn’t uniquely vegan, they have vegetarian foods too like dairy cheese and dairy milk, but there’s still plenty of choice for vegans!

Ego Mediterranean(serves meat)


Ego Mediterranean Restaurant on Surrey Street is very highly spoken of, and look at that huge vegan selection! I haven’t yet been myself so I won’t say too much here, other than I know a lot of vegans frequent this place. And I can see why…

Steel City Cakes (vegetarian)

Steel City Cakes on Abbeydale Road is a fab place to go for a coffee and a catch up with friends, since they have around 4 plant milks to choose from and virtually all of the cakes are vegan! They offer a mixed selection cake platter of 6 different slices for only about £7 or something which is ludicrously cheap, because the slices given are absolutely huge. You can also have cakes made to order, whether it be for  birthday celebrations, or a wedding, or just a small treat for yourself. It’s a shame they offer non-vegan additions to their milkshakes/coffees i.e. dairy milk, non-vegan confectionery (freakshake toppers). Don’t let it put you off, though, it’s a place not to be missed!

Pom Kitchen (vegetarian)

I’ve wanted to visit Pom Kitchen since it opened and haven’t yet had the chance. Located on Sharrow Vale Road, this restaurant is a breakfast and lunchtime spot inspired by Australia. The food served here is more on the nutritious and wholesome end of the vegan scale – as opposed to vegan burgers and shakes, and it’s nice to have that sort of variety in the same city! As you can see, food presentation at Pom Kitchen is pretty fantastic so you can definitely get a few snaps for the gram while you’re there. Unfortunately, Pom does serve eggs and other vegetarian foods, but there are loads of vegan dishes too.

Twister Burger Company (serves meat)

Located in The Harley on Glossop Road (there’s another location on Fulwood Road too), Twisted Burger Company has 3 vegan burgers to choose from! A (vegan) cheese and bbq jackfruit burger, a (vegan) bacon burger, and a hemp & bulgar burger. Something for everyone! Plus, there are vegan fries on offer, and buffalo cauliflower wings too! And an Oreo milkshake, which is always necessary. They also do a vegan version of their roast dinner burger on a Sunday. Kinda gross, but I also kinda want it in and around my face. There’s ALSO the Twisted Breakfast Club that includes a vegan fry up and vegan waffles! They’re on Uber Eats and Deliveroo too, if you fancy a take away.

The Incredible Nutshell (vegan)

Lastly, this isn’t a restaurant or cafe but it deserves a mention! The Incredible Nutshell on Chesterfield Road is a 100% vegan mini grocery store with everything from vegan meats and cheeses, to vegan milks and chocolates. Definitely pop in if you’re in the area, something will definitely end up in your shopping basket.

Have I missed any other fabulous vegan gems in and around the city of Sheffield? Let me know! I also highly recommend downloading the Happy Cow app. It costs £3.99 but it is so, so worth it, especially when travelling abroad or to a new city.


3 thoughts on “Where to Eat Vegan in Sheffield 

  1. there’s a place called Italia Uno on eccy road. i’ve never been but know about them bc they do a lot of homeless charity work and do a pizza drop off around sheffield on a saturday night 🙂


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