The Hunt for Vegan Easter Eggs

Easter this year falls on April 1st, so I thought it was time to start the Vegan Easter Egg Hunt. These days, it’s not difficult to come across vegan eggs at all following a simple google search, but I thought I would compile some of the best ones I’ve found here altogether for you to look through! I’m not religious, as I suppose most people who celebrate Easter these days aren’t really, but Easter celebrations are obviously part of our culture in Britain and I like to take it as an opportunity to celebrate life – especially new life. I do think it’s a shame that many people take this opportunity to eat the legs of baby lambs, but that’s another story for another day.


My favourite egg last year came from Aldi and it’s back on the shelves this year too! It’s the Moser Roth Single Origin dark chocolate blue giraffe print egg (THE BLUE ZEBRA PRINT EGG IS MILK CHOCOLATE AND NOT VEGAN – DO NOT BUY OR EAT). I absolutely love the funky, unique design and it’s a definite show stopper! Hope I get it for Easter again this year, hint hint. They also stock Moo Free eggs at Aldi this year.


Another place to get your hands on Moo Free Easter eggs is at Morrison’s, where the Cheeky Orange, Bunnycomb, and Original flavour eggs are on 3 for £10! Morrison’s is also the exclusive provider of the Moo Free “Art Collection” Caramelised Hazelnut Nibs Egg. Sounds posh, dunnit!

Hotel Chocolat

Dark Chocolate Bunny

Hard Boiled Ginger Chocolate Easter Egg

City Dark Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Hard Boiled Dark Chocolate Egg

Dark Chocolate Chicks

Dark Chocolate Egg Sandwich

As always, Hotel Chocolat is there to provide the vegan-friendly dark chocolate treats. There’s loads of cute designs to choose from here… I think my faves are the chocolate chicks! The “egg sandwich” is also a great design which will possibly get a few chuckles…

Holland and Barrett

Cocoa Libre Rice Milk Chicks

Booja Booja Almond & Sea Salt Caramel Truffles Egg

Plamil Milk Chocolate Alternative Egg

Another safe bet for vegan Easter treats is Holland and Barrett, who also stock Moo Free eggs as well as a variety of other kinds to choose from. You may need to shop online to get the whole variety though, as stores obviously don’t stock every single product.

The Vegan Kind

Divine Rich Dark with Mint Crisp

Booja Booja Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg

The Vegan Kind online supermarket is a great place to get vegan goodies all year round and Easter is no exception.


Free From White Choc Egg with Buttons

Tesco have a few vegan-friendly Easter eggs in their Free From range but I thought this white chocolate egg deserved a special mention, since vegan white chocolate is far and few between. There’s also a vegan-friendly white chocolate egg available at Sainsbury’s.

For something a bit more special, Tesco also introduced a vegan egg in their Finest range! Salted caramel with fondant truffles… mmmmm!


Ruuby Isabella of Instagram found this vegan beauty in Waitrose! Fruit & nut… yes yes yes!


Essy & Bella Hot Cross Bun Chocolate

Montezuma’s Absolute Black

Planetwise is another online vegan store. Ok, I know the first thing isn’t an Easter egg, it’s a chocolate bar. But it’s hot cross bun flavoured! Very Eastery vibes, if you ask me. Or maybe you’re brave enough for 100% cocoa solids absolute black dark chocolate egg by Montezuma?


We love B&M, and I often find vegan-friendly treats in there at a more than agreeable price. Head to your local B&M to grab this Just Chocolate egg and bar for only £4.99!

Some extra goodies…

Another reason to head to Tesco is to bag these accidentally-vegan Mini Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or get to Asda to buy these adorable accidentally-vegan Bunny Crumpets at only £1!

Have you seen any other vegan Easter treats that deserve a mention? Which egg listed here is your favourite?

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