This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (16)

Find out who is a plant-based princess, and who is a meat-honey-eggs-and-dairy mess!

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 12/03/18

Going up…


After having cut out meat and fish from their products a while ago, Bol is now cutting out dairy to become a 100% plant based company. Paul Brown, Bol founder and CEO, cites having his “cowspiracy epiphany” as his motivation for ditching dairy! People are hoping the next step is ditching their plastic containers, but for now… Bol are pretty damn awesome, in my books. Show some support!


Another(!) new vegan addition to the desserts menu at Costa – and this time, it’s an oaty jam bake with flaked almonds! How will I decide between these 2 delicious choices?!! They both sound super delicious and are labelled with the official vegan logo too, which is fantastic. Keep up the vegan love, Costa. Now where’s that vegan toastie/sandwich…?


They finally did it! Quorn made a vegan sausage! As a vegetarian, I was actually a little obsessed with Quorn sausages and since being vegan, the only thing I haven’t found a truly satisfying version of is a sausage. That’s right: I’m not a fan of the lauded Linda sausage. Well, available in selected Tesco supermarkets now… let’s hope this vegan Quorn sausage does the trick!

Going down…

Tee and Cake / Topshop


So, if you hadn’t already been tagged in a post about it 1,000 times, Topshop is currently stocking a top by brand Tee and Cake with “VEGAN” written on it. In fairness, the top is kinda cute. It’s baby pink and has a cute dinosaur on it (assumed herbivorous). To be honest, though, it had already gotten up my nostrils a little, since Topshop also sells (despite it’s firm anti-fur stance?) leather, silk, wool, angora, cashmere, sheepskin, sweets containing animal products, etc. However, Erica of Twitter has also pointed out that the brands label isn’t exactly vegan friendly either… it’s a sponge cake recipe, that calls for eggs and butter! Fail! Obviously, this is just the company’s branding, and it’s used across the entire range… but that just highlights even further how businesses are jumping onto the vegan bandwagon for cash, with little to no concern for the actual movement. It’s like when brands are outed for selling “FEMINIST” t-shirts made by women in sweatshops for a few pence a day. They even could have taken the opportunity for a tongue in cheek marketing moment and swapped the eggs for flax seed etc… but they didn’t. And now they have “egg on their face”. Lol

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