30 Vegan Parenting Instagrams to Follow

I’m not a mama yet, nor do I plan on becoming one in the near future… but one day, I do hope to be. I know for a lot of vegans, the concept of parenthood (and indeed pregnancy) whilst vegan is one of angst and uncertainty. We don’t want to compromise our morals, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a little one (or two, or three…) that depends on, initially, our body for nourishment and then our guidance and care for the next 18+ years. It’s scary, of course it is. And, obviously, as all parents – especially mothers – get judged and back-seat parenting advice, making the decision to be a vegan parent to a vegan child comes with its own criticisms and stigmas. I’ve been using Instagram to find advice, and vegan parents, so that if it comes to this scenario for me, I will be better informed and will have access to an online support system of people in the same boat! So, here are some of the great vegan parenting accounts that I’ve come across…


Chloe is an Australian vegan momma, parent to 6 vegan kids aged 5 and under. Wow.


Thea is one glamorous mum, who uses Instagram to post not only about her vegan little girl, but also recipes, beauty, and lifestyle too.


Tracy is absolutely beautiful and her little boy is too! Fab Instagram for parenting AND fashion.


New mommy and a nurse, this vegan babe comes from Pennsylvania of the USA.


I’ve been following Esme for a long time. Not only is she a vegan parent, but she also runs a vegan cafe in London too!


Ellen is mum to a relatively large vegan family in pretty much paradise – Hawaii!


Miranda gave birth to baby Emilia just a couple weeks ago, so she’s a super new vegan momma indeed!


This is a good one for vegan fitness, but he also posts about his little vegan family too!


One of my favourite accounts, see all the delicious and nutritious meals eaten by little Poppy the 17 month old vegan!


Another fitness fanatic, Mariia is a super inspiring vegan mum!


I love this account – run by a vegan mother and her vegan daughter!


Emilly is a recipe developer and self-titled fitness junkie, as well as mother to one gorgeous little boy!


Mel is mum to 3 little vegans, and her instagram is full of nutritious meal ideas!


Rachel is one of my favourite vegan mommas, and she’s from Leeds!


Gio is an Italian husband and father who is vegan for the animals!


Chelsea is a vegan mama from Utah, who posts about her beautiful vegan daughter!


If you need motivation to get your family fit and healthy, this is the Instagram for you!


Megan is the mother of a vegan family from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!


David is Megan’s (above) partner posting about their sons, Oliver and Utah!


Kristi is a vegan mom blogger, artist, gardener, activist, and adventurer! Phew!


Niomi is mum to a vegan family of 4!


Amber is a married mother of 3, and a fully raw vegan.


A family based in Australia, soon to be based in England, raising a vegan toddler!


Mauricio is another vegan activist and dad!


A vegan family of 6 from Queenstown, New Zealand!


Jaimie is a vegan mama and yoga lover.


A family of 5 that are relatively new to veganism!


Jenny is a 28 year old vegan mum to be from Austria – congratulations!


Raise Vegan is the world’s leading vegan parenting magazine, and they use instagram to share their articles and to link to lots of great vegan parents too!


Here’s another Instagram that stems from Raise Vegan, with more of a focus on pregnancy.

P.S. vegainstrength recently did a pretty useful post about vegan pregnancy – here.

Have I missed any amazing vegan mums, dads, and families? Sorry, I know this is very female heavy but I couldn’t seem to find many family/parenting accounts run by men! I’m sure they are out there, so please do let me know of any you like!

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