Where to Eat Vegan in Hyde Park and Headingley (Leeds)

Whenever I’m in Leeds, I can’t wait to get a take away and it’s usually from one of these places! They’re all in Hyde Park, Headingley or just a bit further out Burley/Kirkstall way.

Oranaise – Hyde Park Serves Meat


First and foremost, Oranaise North African restaurant in Hyde Park. I absolutely adore all of the food that I have tried from here, it never disappoints. Pictured above is the vegan tofu kebab with marinated grilled vegetables, tofu, and aubergine purée! I also love their vegan pizzas and vegan burgers. There’s also vegan salads, tagines, wraps, mezze platters, breakfast and more. It is truly a blessing on Hyde Park!

Mog’s – Kirkstall Vegan

I actually cannot believe how GOOD this place is. Mog’s used to serve meat and dairy but it recently became completely vegan which is FANTASTIC! Not only that, but it’s pretty cheap too. Burgers at around £3.50, “chicken” dinners at £8, sides at £3 or £4. So, naturally, I order the lot! A couple of cheese burgers, some onion rings, some nuggets, and OMG – the dirty fries! Chips complete with facon, spring onions and a mish-mash of sauces… I will forever dream about Mog’s dirty fries. There’s desserts too – donuts, milkshakes, and deep fried Oreos! Orgasmic, herbivorous, junky, goodness. Not to be missed!

Sukothai – Headingley Serves meat


Photo taken from The Tofu Diaries – Please check out this blog post for a more in depth description of vegan dining at Sukhothai! 

Sukothai has bee in Headingley since 2007, and they offer tofu, mixed veg dishes and steamed dumplings as well as my absolute favourite dish of coconut rice. There are loads of vegan choices here, just make sure to emphasise that you are vegan, because sometimes that can be an area of misunderstanding in Thai restaurants, and they may add fish paste to your curry.

Mardin – Hyde Park Serves Meat

Bit of a new kid on the vegan block, Mardin has another fantastic extensive vegan menu. You can get starters, wraps, burgers, mezze, kebabs, moussaka, pizza, mansaf, cheesey chips, smoothies, and desserts!

Temple – Burley / Kirkstall Vegetarian

Not really a restaurant, but Temple Coffee & Donuts recently opened in Burley Park and they offer vegan donuts and pink vegan hot chocolates, so I had to give it a mention! Is this heaven? It very well could be. Unfortunately, they do offer dairy milk as well as non-vegan donuts, so it’s not completely vegan, but there’s no meat or anything like that.

Cat’s Pyjamas – Headingley Serves meat

This little restaurant in Headingley serves Indian street food – it’s a bit like Bundobust in the city centre (except Bundobust is entirely vegetarian which is obvs better). Quick dishes and craft beers kinda thing. Their vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu meaning no continuous reading of the fine print. There are only a couple of vegan options in each section of the menu, but it’s good to know they’re there.

Grove Cafe – Hyde Park Serves Meat

Grove Cafe is a close second after Oranaise for my favourite restaurant in the outskirts of Leeds. The dine-in setting is slightly less special, but the food is absolutely delicious and the range of vegan food is ridiculously good! If I’m fancying a curry, I will always go to Grove because they do vegan passanda AND vegan peshwaari naan! You can also head to Grove for a burger or for pizza. And they usually have vegan chocolate cake too.

Mod Pizza – Kirkstall Serves meat

The wondrous invention that is Mod Pizza is available in Burley – opening in Leeds city centre May 2018 too – and it is not one to be missed. It’s a fast-food kinda place, and what’s great about this place is that the price of your pizza doesn’t change no matter what toppings you add or take away. Simples! Choose from green bell peppers, spinach, artichokes, pepperoncini peppers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, jalapenos, pineapples, red onion, mushrooms, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, rocket, chickpeas, croutons, coriander, and sweetcorn. And, psst… guess what? Vegan cheese.

May’s Thai – Hyde Park Serves meat

May’s Thai in Hyde Park is a great place to go as a student because it is BYOB (with a corkage fee) and the food is relatively cheap, at around £5.70 for a veggie dish. You can get curries, stir frys, and noodle soups with the option of vegetables & tofu. And it’s delicious!

Hyde Park Book Club – Hyde Park Vegetarian

This quirky little place is fully vegetarian, serving brunch until 4pm, with mains, sandwiches & salads for the rest of the day. It’s not particularly cheap for what it is, and the vegan options are lacking a bit, but it’s a nice music & arts venue so it’s good to know you won’t go hungry if your fave is deejing here…

Mogador – Burley Serves meat


Photo taken from the Mogador Facebook page

Another new kid on the block, Mogador recently opened in Burley/Hyde Park and it’s important we support new businesses that cater to vegans! It’s a Moroccan restaurant with vegan kebabs, tagines, and cous cous, as well as mezze platters, wraps, and starters. Spoilt for choice, again!

Ecco Pizzeria – Headingley Serves meat

More pizza, if you’re fancying a slice of something nice, Ecco Pizzeria in Headingley. You can either remove the cheese entirely or replace it with vegan cheese!

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