This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (21)

Find out who is giving us an animal-friendly snack, and who is just being completely wack!

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 23/04/2018

Going up…

Marks and Spencer

A wave of excitement has spread over the vegan scene upon the discovery of this vegan-friendly chocolate bar on sale in Marks and Spencer supermarkets. The Italian Gianduja dark chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts tastes exactly like the vegan chocolate bar Vego! Only, it’s a lot cheaper – and obviously it’s easier to get your hands on too. I know it says dark chocolate, but it tastes much more like milk chocolate to me! At £1.50 for 65g, it’s still not the cheapest sweet treat but it’s fair trade, and it’s definitely worth it! YUM!

Pret a Manger

We have a long-term love affair with Pret in the vegan community since its introduction of the “not just for veggies” vegan and vegetarian sandwich/wrap/salad etc range, as well as the opening of not one, not two, but THREE 100% veggie Pret branches in London. Well, it just got even deeper. Last week, Pret released this brand new vegan cookie! It’s dark chocolate and almond butter… and it is fantastic. It’s £1.45 per cookie, and the edge is kinda crunchy, and the centre is all melty and gooey. It is perfection! Bravo, Pret! Now… how about a vegan croissant in the morning?

Going down…


Unfortunately, a recipe change to Morrison’s digestive biscuits means that they are no longer vegan suitable as they now contain milk. Why tho.


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