The Very Best of Vegan Chocolate Bars UK

I think one of the things I get asked the most since being vegan is “so can’t you eat chocolate?” It’s understandable why people get confused by this, because chocolate generally contains milk. However, there are plenty of chocolate bars on the market that are either accidentally or intentionally vegan friendly. Here are some of my faves:

M&S Italian Gianduja Bar

This ‘accidentally vegan’ chocolate bar by Marks and Spencer has actually saved my life, no exaggeration. Well it is a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s the best vegan chocolate I’ve ever had. It’s described as dark chocolate but I actually think it tastes more like milk chocolate, and it is complete with whole hazelnuts. The bar comes as 2 big chunks, 65g for £1.50… so not the cheapest of chocolate, but it’s fair trade and it is AMAZING.


Vego is an intentionally vegan chocolate bar which is basically a more expensive version of the M&S Italian Gianduja bar. Vego bars come in 2 sizes – mini and jumbo! You can get hold of Vego via The Vegan Kind Supermarket. where it’s £3.49 for the jumbo 150g bar. You can usually grab Vego bars in your local health food shop, or, if you’re Leeds based, Hyde Park Book Club stocked Vego bars last time I was there.

Cadbury Bournville

You will find that many – but not all – dark chocolate bars are accidentally vegan friendly, and Cadbury Bournville is one of those bars! I like Bournville cause it’s very creamy for dark chocolate, which can sometimes be quite bitter. You will find this in most supermarkets and convenience shops to be honest. Also, Mandela Effect or what? Since when was Bournville spelt like Bournville and not Bourneville? Weird.


Ok, if you liked Kinder Buenos then you are gonna like Sarelle bars! I’ve also heard it compared to Ferrero Rocher. They are dark chocolate, though, just as an FYI. You can buy a 33g bar of Sarelle from The Vegan Kind Supermarket for just 90p! I’ve also heard that they can make an appearance in the world food section at some supermarkets. And, again, check your local health food stores as they tend to be stocked there too.


If you’re looking for variety, then iChoc is the vegan chocolate brand for you. iChoc is intentionally vegan, so it’s always good to support a business like that. The white vanilla flavour is super, super sweet… I think my favourite is the choco cookie flavour! Again, same old same old, The Vegan Kind Supermarket or your local health food store is the place to go to pick up a bar of this magic.

Moo Free

Moo Free tends to be a little more accessible than some of the other chocolate bars I’ve listed here. They are stocked in the free from section of my local Sainsbury’s, for example. I love how Moo Free bars come in full size or as “mini moos”, as they are perfect snacks to pack along with your lunch or to give to children. My absolute favourite flavour is definitely Bunnycomb (honeycomb)! PSA: honeycomb does not actually contain honey, it is made using sugar, water, golden syrup, and bicarbonate soda. Don’t panic! 


What’s your favourite vegan chocolate?


2 thoughts on “The Very Best of Vegan Chocolate Bars UK

  1. Fry’s peppermint creme!! 😍 kinda like after eights but in a bar and vegan! Can get a pack of three from B&M for £1 🤗🍫


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