This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (23)

Find out who is a goody two shoes, and who is a meanie poo poo!

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 07/05/2018

Going up…


Costa Coffee finally brought out a vegan sandwich! Well, it’s a wrap actually. Chipotle beans and butternut squash with spinach, sweetcorn, and red onion. It’s actually SO nice and I will definitely be getting it for a second time. Ask to have it toasted – you won’t regret it! Pricey at over £3 and on the small side, but you’ll find that with Costa in general. At least now we can have something savoury before tucking into an oaty jam bake!


Thank you to @_kenny_22 on Twitter for these images! Boots has released even more vegan on-the-go options! A sweet potato and butternut squash burger, and a samosa style veggie wrap! Both 1 of your 5 a day, and both labelled as vegan! Nice to see these inventive and delicious options being put out there instead of just falafel and houmous. Go Boots!

Going down…


Sadly, sadly, very sadly… Asda has discontinued their vegan popcorn chicken (along with some of their other vegan products). It was well loved by many and will be truly missed. They have, however, introduced a new vegan range, and it is… interesting. Cough. Who needs vegan popcorn chicken when they can have beetroot & spinach burgers,  or mushroom & kale sausages? LOL. Ok, I’m sure they are delicious… kinda… but WHY did they have to replace the vegan popcorn chicken? WHY?!


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