This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (24)

Find out who is feeding the 5000 (vegans), and who is… not.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 14/05/2018

Going up…


More on-the-go vegan bites as Waitrose introduces a spicy vegetable curry sandwich, clearly labelled vegan. They also have a vegan sweet potato and chipotle sandwich. Excellent!

Marks and Spencer

We all love a good nugget or two, and you can now pick up some vegan nuggets from Marks and Spencer for £2.50. Pass the ketchup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley Cyrus

Long-time vegan queen Miley Cyrus attended the recent Met Gala, and during an interview she took the opportunity to name-drop veganism. Good work, comrade.

Kim K

Known to frequently sport the skin and fur of animals that died suffering and fighting for their lives, Kim K recently made a post on the interwebs stating that faux fur is her new “thing”. Pamela Anderson recently sent her Kim a package which included the gift of a faux fur coat along with a letter pleading with the Kardashian to stop wearing real fur garments. She has a huge influence on a lot of people, so hopefully it lasts. Don’t be a sucker!

Holland & Barrett

Our fave Health Food shop is launching an all-vegan shop, it has been revealed by Peter Aldis (Holland and Barrett CEO). No dates or locations have been mentioned as of yet, but we do know that Peter’s wife recently went vegan. We got momentum, people!

Going down…

This Bear from New Jersey

A hungry bear must be trying out a plant-based diet as he broke into the car of a baker and chowed down on 2 dozen vegan cupcakes made by Mo’Pweeze bakery! I guess we’ll let him off, being a cute cuddly bear.


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