This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (25)

Find out who wants to be a millionaire, and who is the weakest link – goodbye.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 21/05/2018

Going up…


The vegan product on everybody’s lips this week is the brand new vegan steaks released at Tesco supermarkets nationwide! It is apparently the most “authentic” vegan steak yet. Interesting, to say the least…

Another exciting new vegan product at Tesco is a margherita pizza! Obvs we can buy a base and add sauce/cheese ourselves, but it’s nice not to have to. Just add pineapple!!!!!!!!!!

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi has a special veggie offer on until the 6th of June! 20 veggie and vegan dishes will be just £2.30 every Wednesday! 2 weeks to go… get dining, folks.


As reported by Accidentally Vegan UK on Instagram, a recipe change means that Seabrook prawn cocktail crisps are now vegan friendly. Let’s buy them in hoards to praise this veggie minded move! Just be wary of old stock still on the shelves – check the ingredients first.

Going down…


It has come to light over recent days that there’s a little issue with Heinz beans. Don’t panic! The regular Heinz beans are absolutely fine and suitable for vegan consumption, however, the no added sugar version of Heinz baked beans are NOT SUITABLE FOR VEGANS! They still claim the product to be vegetarian, and won’t disclose why they aren’t vegan… all we know is that they’re not. Weird and unnecessary.

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