This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (26)

Find out who is going plant-based, and who is looking pant-faced!

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 04/06/18

Going up…


It seems that Greggs will finally be introducing a savoury vegan item to their menu (alongside the accidentally-vegan Belgian buns that have long-existed at the bakery). Unfortunately, it will be a Mexican bean wrap and not a veggie pasty or sausage roll – which is what we all really want – but it’s a start, and Gregg’s is accessible and affordable for many which is makes it even better news for vegans.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat confirm The Beyond Burger is coming to the UK in 2018

Vegan meat producer Beyond Meat has confirmed that their famous Beyond Burgers are coming to the UK! American vegans rave about these realistic meat imitation patties, so it will definitely be interesting to get our hands on them… It even appears to “bleed”, and has a pinkish colour thanks to our good old friend the beetroot. It’s not for everybody!



It feels extremely weird to say it, but, yes, KFC is indeed a vegan winner this week. Apparently, KFC is going to be launching vegetarian option and better-for-you side dishes! Of course, the veggie burger at McDonald’s is vegan-friendly once you remove the mayonnaise (I usually swap it out for sweet chilli sauce), so it’s about time KFC caught up and got with the times. The exact nature of the veggie option is unknown at this point, in fact, we’re not even sure whether it will be vegan… but here’s hoping!

Going down…

Co-op, Lidl, Waitrose

Unfortunately, it seems that industrial scale beef farming has come to the UK, and amongst the many businesses that are supporting this monstrosity are Co-op, Lidl, and Waitrose.


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