15 of the Best Vegan Foods I’ve Tried in the Last 12 Months

1. Avocado Wings at Make No Bones

This dish is so wrong but just so right, I’ve never tried anything like it! Make No Bones is a vegan restaurant in Sheffield – currently on Chesterfield road but soon to be changing location – and avocado wings is their signature dish. Served hot hot hot with ranch dressing, this is an absolutely must-try when you get chance to dine there!

2. Dough Boys Pizza at Belgrave

Dough Boys provide the pizza at the slice bar in Belgrave (Leeds), and you absolutely cannot drop by for a bev without ordering a slice or two. There’s always vegan pizza on offer and at £2.50 per very generous slice, you really must give it a go. Dough Boys don’t use any cheese alternative on their pizza which I actually prefer for stone baked pizza – the dough, sauce, and toppings do enough of walkin’ and talkin’! No pizza tops it.

3. Donuts at Brammibal’s

I absolutely adored Berlin for several reasons, and one of which was definitely Brammibal’s. They now have 2 locations across the city, and absolutely everything on the premises is vegan friendly. Check out all the different flavours on their website… I got to try strawberry and pistachio, and matcha flavour back in June of last year! When I get chance go back to Berlin, I’ll be heading straight to Brammibal’s.

4. Pumpkin Katsu at Yo! Sushi

I know a lot of vegans opt for the tofu katsu curry at Yo! Sushi, but I super think they are missing out. Now, I’m not one to diss tofu… I absolutely adore it, and, yes, the tofu katsu at Yo! Sushi is delicious. HOWEVER. It is not as delicious as the pumpkin katsu! The tofu version comes with rice whereas the pumpkin version doesn’t (unless ordered from the take-out menu), but this, of course, means it’s cheaper, and you can always order rice on the side. It’s my absolutely favourite dish at the restaurant, usually ordered alongside the veg gyoza, cucumber maki, inari nigiri, vegetable yakisoba, and edamame.  There are actually loads of dishes for vegans to try at Yo! SushiLuckily, there’s one or two in just about every city!

5. Seitan ribs at Make No Bones

So… Make No Bones has garnered a second mention and it’s thanks to their homemade seitan ribs! I’m usually a little wary of seitan, because I can find the texture to be a little too meaty… however, I absolutely adored these seitan ribs and I find myself daydreaming about them often! They are served with a choice of blue cheese, ranch, or hot sauce dip and they are super, super special. Check out the rest of the Make No Bones menu on their Facebook page.

6. Waffles at Superfoods and Organic Liquids

Being the vegan haven that it is, of course Berlin has achieved a second spot for itself on this list! And, this time, it’s for the waffles – garnished with maple syrup, fresh berries, and bananas at Superfoods and Organic Liquids. The waffles are only available Friday-Saturday-Sunday, so don’t head there on a weekday and be disappointed – but there are so many other vegan dishes to try at this vegetarian restaurant, too: like their smoothie and chia bowls.

7. Veganised Veneziana at Pizza Express

Another pizza takes place on the list, but this time: it’s mainstream. Zizzi has long been offering vegan cheese pizzas, but Pizza Express soon followed, and I have to say… I think Pizza Express trumps Zizzi. At Pizza Express, you can order any vegetarian pizza as vegan (despite only the Giardiniera being labelled vegan on the menu). I go for the Veneziana pictured above: pine kernels, red onion, baby capers, sultanas, and black olives, and tomato on a Romana base. Just swap the mozzarella for vegan mozzarella! Love, love, love, love, love.

8. Mixed mushroom and panko aubergine steamed buns at Wagamama

Wagamama recently had some vegan shake ups on the menu, one of which being the veganisation of the mixed mushroom and aubergine panko steamed buns! This super soft and salty side dish really took me by surprise – I expected it to be boring and dry but it absolutely wasn’t! I will definitely be ordering these steamed buns time and time again.

9. Spelt pancakes at Mango, Hala Koszyki


Hala Koszyki is a fancy kinda food court in Warsaw and Mango is a completely vegan stand there offering food throughout the day! Catch them before breakfast ends, because you must try the spelt pancakes! Complete with tofu based cream cheese and topped with lots of yummy fruit! I really wasn’t sure what the cream cheese was going to be like, but it was delicious and so moreish… I dream of these pancakes. I dream of them.

10. Sticky Korean fried chicken dinner from Mog’s

Mog’s used to be a super-vegan-friendly joint that also sold meat and dairy products, but since the owner went vegan – so did the restaurant! It is now a 100% plant-based establishment and I have loved everything on the menu that I’ve tried so far. My favourite has definitely been the sticky Korean fried chicken, though, cause that sauce is to die for! Also big up the burgers and the onion rings. Cheap, junky goodness. I’m obsessed!

11. Tofu dumplings at Veganic

When travelling, I’m often conscious that I may miss out on local and traditional cuisines due to veganism! However, I’ve never found that to be the case – particularly in big cities. Veganic vegetarian restaurant in Krakow offers this delicious vegan twist on the classic Polish dish of dumplings – tofu dumplings! I’m a dumpling fiend at the best of times, and these were no exception… absolutely lush and a super satisfying and filling meal. So cheap too at the equivalent of around £5.

12. Vegan “chicken” at Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is a firm favourite amongst Leeds vegans, and it’s easy to see why. They offer so many vegan dishes and my favourite of these is the “chicken legs” (pictured bottom left)! I know that it sounds kinda gross to someone who doesn’t eat meat, being described as “legs”, but they truly are 100% vegan – made from soya – and they are sooooo good. They even come on a “bone”, which is actually some form of vegetable. Check out their menu!

13. Dark chocolate and almond butter cookies at Pret a Manger

I’ve been vegan for about 20 months now, and in that time I had found Maryland style cookies, but never those big warm gooey cookies. That is, until Pret released one! These dark chocolate and almond butter cookies from Pret are so chewy and sticky and delicious, I absolutely love them. I’ve had so many of them since they were released, and I know everybody else loves them too! I’ve even got my omnivorous workmates addicted too.

14. Sweet potato curry at Pod Norenami

Aside from Veganic which I previously mentioned, another great veggie restaurant we found in Krakow was Pod Norenami. The menu was huge and it took us so long to decide what to order, but we eventually both opted for the sweet potato curry! And what a fantastic choice! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten something so flavoursome in all my life.

15. Garden state hot dog at Primo’s

I super love hot dogs, so I was thrilled to find out that Primo’s located in the Corn Exchange in Leeds offers a vegan option – the garden state dog! For just £4.45 you get a tofu hot dog served in a straight white bun with up to 3 toppings! I usually go for gherkins, jalepenos, and caramelised onions. I never can resist walking past the Corn Exchange without nipping in for a garden state…

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