3 Habits I Have Developed to Make Social Media Less Stressful

Social media is a huge part of almost everybody’s lives these days, and although it can be a great tool for sharing our lives with friends, family, and beyond… it can often leave us feeling a little stressed out and unhappy. The constant reel of information, news, and opinions can often end with feelings of exhaustion and isolation which manifest in harmful ways in our daily lives – particularly feelings surrounding anxiety and depression. It can even interfere with our real life relationships. Although social media can still leave me feeling this way, I’ve developed 3 healthier habits when app-hopping that have helped me to find it far less stressful…

  1. Post, like, and comment what you want – be yourself

For me, this follows on from one of my main personality traits in life. And it hasn’t always been this way for me. But, something that I think you can do to make social media less stressful is to literally just be yourself and say/do what you want – stop worrying about what other people are thinking! I know some people even worry about liking one too many of someone’s Instagram photos… that’s what Instagram is for? Chill out and relax! It’s not that deep! I especially love feeling this way about social media, cause it means that I’m often leaving comments saying nice things to people… which is nice. It’s nice to be nice! Nice.

2. Stop looking to get your feelings hurt

This is a super bitter-sweet lesson that I have learned in life, and unfortunately it came about during a very unhappy relationship. Said person was always saying and doing things online that made me feel unappreciated and disrespected… and that was a problem in and of itself with the relationship, not with social media. However, what it did do for me, was train me out of snooping around looking to get my feelings hurt. Although your partner shouldn’t have anything to hide, you also shouldn’t go delving into dark areas constantly checking that everything is ok. All it will do is give you anxiety. Address the problem in real life, and if it can’t be solved – drop the person.

3. Pick your battles

Anyone who knows me, knows all too well how opinionated I am – and I’m not afraid to express it either. Debates are interesting and ultimately important for improving our understanding of many issues, and even for changing the way things operate in reality. However, one too many online arguments will drive you crazy. So I’ve learned to pick my battles! No matter how irritating something is… consider whether this is really worth your energy. 9 times out of 10 it’s not! Try not to spend all day writing indirect tweets, engaging in arguments, and encouraging toxicity between other people. Take a second, breathe, and move along. Otherwise, your notifications become riddled with negativity and nastiness! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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