This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (27)

Find out who aims to please, and who is still pathetically addicted to bovine cheese.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 11/06/18

Going up…


Waitrose supermarket has introduced a brand new vegan section to its stores! This will make shopping much easier for long-term vegans, but, more importantly, it will certainly catch the eye of omnivores who may find the simplicity and organised nature of the section reassuring when opting for plant-based options! More of this, please!


Starbucks has introduced yet ANOTHER vegan option to its savoury menu. Following the release of the BBQ jackfruit in January, you can now opt for a sweet potato falafel wrap as well! It’s super yummy, and has more of a kick to it – perfect for those who like the spicier things in life! And it gets better! Not only did Starbucks add a new vegan savoury option, but they have also introduced a brand new vegan sweet option! A chocolate and raspberry cake! Yes, Starbucks! Costa, you better watch out…

Going down…

I know what, or who, people may be expecting me to report on this week, however I won’t be doing so. Although I don’t agree with certain views and actions, they are not specifically vegan related and therefore I have no further comment. Soz!

One thought on “This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (27)

  1. I had high hopes for the waitrose section and boy were they fulfilled 😍😍 soooo good! I got the creamy mushroom pie and it was AMAZING, I feel like I need one weekly from now on… Feel like I need to do some research as I have no idea what the ‘losers’ section is referring to 😣


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