Unpacking My June Subscription Box from The Vegan Larder

Nothing gets me excited quite like supermarket shopping, and it takes an even more exciting form in the shape of subscription boxes from The Vegan Larder!

The Vegan Larder is a company put together by Vanessa and Louise-Claire, 2 vegan foodies who love cooking! Their website contains so many useful and interesting blog posts: they put together recipes, offer 1-1 vegan mentoring, and they now offer vegan subscription boxes!

These boxes contain lots of vegan ingredients and snacky bits to help us along on our merry vegan way starting from £24.99 a month!

I am lucky enough to have been offered a complimentary box from The Vegan Larder in order to try it out for size, and to tell all my lovely readers about the experience.

One of my fave things about these boxes is that you get to discover lots of exciting vegan companies that you hadn’t heard of before! I also love the combination of ingredient foods and snack foods, meaning there’s always somthing that comes in handy straight away. Here’s what I received in the June box:

Nomad Health – SuperGrain Quinoa Penne Pasta

One of the things omnis often get confused about is whether or not vegans can eat pasta/noodles etc. Well, we can! It doesn’t have to be fancy pasta made from lentils/quinoa etc (like the one above) either, we can just have your plain old dried pasta.

However, it’s nice to have some fancy pasta every once in a while, isn’t it?! This quinoa pasta comes from Nomad Health, created by Marianna and Keith, and its bursting with protein and fibre, low in sugar – which is great for diabetics – and it’s also gluten free! It’s basically an all-round great product for people with dietary requirements in general. This product is said to keep its texture perfectly after cooking – in just 3 or 4 minutes – and it’s rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and B vitamins.

I think I will save this product for a special occasion and will think carefully about what ingredients I want to combine this pasta with in order to cook up a delicious and nutritious dish that tastes great, and gives that boost of nutrients we all need sometimes!

Pacari Chocolate – Organic Chocolate Covered Golden Berries & 

These are more of snack food than ingredient, although I’m sure you could incorporate them into your baking somehow, or add them to your morning cereal or porridge! However, I think I will just be enjoying them as a treat in-between meals since they are high quality organic chocolate products – that’s something to savour and enjoy!

Pacari is a family-owned company from Ecuador who aim to produce the highest quality organic chocolate in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. The strong citrus flavour of the berry is said to contrast with the sweetness of the chocolate in the most amazing way, and I also love combinations of chocolate and saltiness… so, I can’t wait to try these special little things.

Brave Food – Sea Salt Roasted Peas

Another snack, these sea salt roasted peas are made by Brave – a company that uses real, locally and sustainably grown ingredients. These peas are nutrient-dense, containing lots of B-vitamins. I reckon these British-grown peas could be a great alternative to a bag of crisps in your lunch box, or as a snack during the day… at the cinema, for example!

Good Carma – Garlic Flavour Fusion

Who doesn’t love garlic? I can’t wait to get cooking with this cheesey sort of parmesan-substitute made by Good Carma! The company is run by Charlotte Bates, and her aim is to bring healthy products into the market without sacrificing flavour!

This garlic flavour fusion has the taste and richness of a grated parmesan cheese, and will be fantastic added to pasta dishes and more! I will probably be adding this to soup and stews, too, since it has added B12 and is made from wholefoods, making it super nutritious and healthy! It’s also available in chilli flavour, too, which I think I will be investing in as well…

Endurance x Nature – Coffee and Date Bar

Being the type of human being that I am, I am often left rushing out the door in order to catch a train! This doesn’t mean I want to skip breakfast, though! Products like this one are absolutely fantastic for situations like that, cause you can just grab and go – without compromising nutrition. Endurance x Nature is also great for people into fitness, since these bars are made by Vinnie, a chef and Triathlete who leads a sporty, active lifestyle!

Nix and Kix – Peach and Vanilla Drink

This one is a little on the strange side, since it’s a spicy drink. A drink – that’s spicy?! Huh! Well, that’s because it contains chilli, which Nix and Kix add with the intention of boosting metabolism and energy-release to inspire a ‘wow’ moment! Chilli also apparently increases endorphin levels, which is what makes us feel happy!

I will 110% be using mine to make a fun and unusual cocktail over the summer, and I’m actually pretty excited about it. It’s always nice to try something a little bit different! Peach and Vanilla flavour was specifically chosen for the June edition of The Vegan Larder boxes, since it has that summery flavour to it! Very excited about this product.

Isle of Olive – Organic Kalamon Table Olives in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What captured my attention first about these olives was the beautiful artwork on the packaging! How lovely is that? Anyways, Isle of Olive works directly with independent producers and artisans, sourcing only the finest, authentic food products and ingredients – with a focus on traceability and respect for the environment. I absolutely love the that! They have a huge vegan range, which, of course, is also fab to hear.

These organic olives are individually hand picked and sun ripened which means they vary in colour and flavour dependent on their exposure to the sun! These are gonna be fab added to salads or as part of a snack spread, and I’m deffo gonna use the olive oil from the packet for dipping a big crusty loaf of bread into, also.

Edible Ornamentals – Sweet Chilli Sauce

Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely love sweet chilli sauce so I was super excited to receive some in this month’s Vegan Larder box! Edible Ornamentals is a chilli farm in Bedford, and they create lots of products like this sweet chilli sauce. You can actually visit their nursery and get a tour with a chilli growing tutorial included! How exciting is that? Right here in the UK!

Sweet chilli sauce can be used as a dip, as a dressing, in a stir fry… for anything, really, so it’s a super useful ingredient to receive. I like mine for dipping dumplings and spring rolls into! I’ve also been seeing sweet chilli sauce used a lot on loaded fries, recently, too… and that works super well – along with some spring onions!

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