This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (33)

Find out who is the one that we want, they are the one we want – ooh ooh ooh HONEY(!), and who is the one that SUCKS.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 23/07/18

Going up…


Yes, that is correct: the entire country of Canada. Animal testing has been banned throughout the European Union since 2009 (however companies selling in China have their products animal tested so steer clear of any that do), and now it’s looking like Canada will be following suit. The senate has just passed bill S-214 in Canada, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, and now it goes onto the House of Commons before it becomes law. The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act states that animal testing and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics is to be illegal in Canada. We don’t know when it will officially become illegal, but, it’s looking pretty certain that it will indeed become illegal. Well done, Canada! And well done to all protestors and campaigners, too! Things like this don’t happen without people who care.


Professional work-space creator/office-rental company WeWork has banned meat at company events, as well as disallowing employees to expense meals that include meat. Why? For the environment! Employees received an email stating that they will no longer be able to claim back company money for the purchase of anything containing red meat, pork, or poultry! As first reported by Bloomberg, co-founder and chief culture officer Miguel McKelvey said in the email that this was in an attempt to reduce the company’s carbon footprint!

Frankie and Benny’s

American-Italian restaurant Frankie and Benny’s have released a brand new vegan option – a beetroot burger! It’s called the Vegan Beet, and is priced at £9.99 (ouch). Great to see a vegan option in a mainstream restaurant, although, let’s face it: they’re a little behind the rest of the crowd. It’s taken this long, and the one option is a veggie burger? Let’s hope it’s delicious… keep it up, F&Bs. Can I call you F&Bs? I’m gonna call you F&Bs.

Going down…


It has come to light that despite claiming to be cruelty-free and vegan, Batiste are in fact an animal-testing company! Batiste have designed their own “vegan” and “cruelty-free” logos and printed them on their products, however, these are not official symbols such as the Leaping Bunny and the Vegan Society logo – so we always ned to double check! Many companies don’t use official logos for various reasons and are still legitimate, but, unfortunately, there are some companies who choose not to use official logos because they are NOT ELIGIBLE, like Batiste! They then use their own logos because they know that good and honest people who prefer not to make bunnies and puppies suffer for their own sheer vanity will buy the products. Disgraceful. Boycott, boycott, boycott!

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