11 Alternative Vegan Uses for Egg Cups

Something that I’ve always had a strange affinity for is now something I perhaps should consider useless having become vegan: egg cups.

I truly don’t know what it is, but I find myself rather obsessed with them. I think it all began when I was younger, because I had a Postman Pat egg cup that I absolutely adored. I guess it’s the fun novelty of them… since I probably don’t care that much for non-themed cups, the horror!

Anyway, obviously having gone vegan, you would think that there’s not much use for egg cups in my life anymore. However, I refuse to allow that to be the case! Especially considering that, whilst vegetarian, I once got drunk and ordered about 5 different egg cups off eBay (featured here) that are all fantastic and delightful in their own ways.

So, I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking… and a little bit of research… and I’ve drawn together 11 different ideas for alternative uses for egg cups that are handy, helpful, and vegan friendly:

1. Dipping sauce

I eat a lot of Asian food, which includes sushi and spring rolls, so egg cups make perfect dipping sauce dishes for me! Fill it on up with soy sauce and dip your maki inside… perfect! Or splodge your spring rolls into an egg cup filled with sweet chilli sauce. Or make some bang bang cauliflower and use an egg cup to house your peanut sauce! The possibilities are endless…

2. Candle holder

Lots of egg cups will be the right size to fit a little tea light candle, and mostly being made from ceramic (do not do this with plastic egg cups please, fools), they are great little places to display your candles – especially if your egg cups are pretty like mine.

3. Growing herbs

Who else loved growing cress whilst at school? Well, your egg cups can now be your very own mini cress farms. Or, use them to cultivate any herb of your liking. It’s cute cause it’s small.

(I’m not currently doing this so have some flower petals instead)

4. Shot glasses


5. Ring holder

I don’t particularly wear rings because they irritate me when you go to the toilet and then wash your hands and the soapy water gets all over and under your rings – yucky feeling!!!! I always forget to replace them when I take them off to wash my hands, too, or I fear that my clumsy self will knock them down the sink. Well – use egg cups to store your rings, whether it be part of your jewellery stand in your bedroom, or next to your sink for stress-free hand-washing times…

6. Desk tidies

We all have a pen pot or two, but what happens to the little pins and paperclips and what not that end up buried at the bottom, never to be seen again? Use egg cups instead!

7. Beauty blender holder

This idea is genius, because beauty blenders obviously don’t slot into a pot like make up brushes do. They always end up just awkwardly balanced on top or shoved in your make up bag. This is neither convenient nor hygienic! From now on, give an egg cup pride of place on your dressing table, in which your beauty blender can reside.

8. Hair grips

You’ll need a deep egg cup for this, but how often do you see hair grips lying around the house? Yet, when it comes to needing hair grips… they’re nowhere to be found! Keep them in an egg cup instead so you’ll always know where to return them, and where to find them, too.

9. Candy portions

Growing up, my grandma used to give me and my brother little egg cups filled with mini marshmallows as a bedtime snack. This was always kind of fun, and it meant the portions weren’t out of control either. Lots of vegan sweets are teeny tiny and would fit great inside egg cups (millions, for example).

10. False eyelashes

Well looked after lashes can be used up to 10 times and more, so it’s good to have somewhere to keep them in between wears. I wear false eyelashes most days so putting them in an egg cup overnight means they stay away from dust and dirt, and they don’t get squashed and screwed up. Just remember that’s what it is – or you’ll think for one moment that a spider has taken a tumble…

11. Kiwi cup

How do you eat your kiwi? I like to cut mine in half straight through the middle and scoop out the middle with a spoon. So, with the right-sized kiwi fruit, egg cups come in handy (no example picture as of yet…)

Which idea will you be using?

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