REVIEW: Humblest of Pleasures at Hebden Bridge

I finally got to visit Humblest of Pleasures! This fantabulous little vegan café is in the heart of Hebden Bridge and it is truly what vegan princess dreams are made of. First of all, can we start with the décor? Both exterior and interior are absolutely beautiful and the most instagrammable situation there ever was. The staff were all super lovely and attentive too, we could not have felt more welcome or looked after.

Pink takes prime place, with greens following behind… the most perfect colour combination ever? I adore the floral display they have stretching across their counter, and I super love the pink mug shelving. One of my favourite things about Humblest of Pleasures is the quirky touch of choosing your own mug when ordering a hot drink! There are loads to choose from with everything from donut shaped to slogans. It’s a super unique aspect of the café that I love and really keeps that independent vibe flowing.

I visited with my dad and stepmum on a Sunday where it’s breakfast menu only, but it runs all day from 10am to 4pm. There are about 6 choices on the breakfast menu, which is a good selection with lots of variety, and it is SUCH good value for money. The 3 dishes featured here were just £5.50 each and all the other options (porridge, sausage/bacon sandwich) were even cheaper. Places like this can and do charge anything up to £8 or £9 for aesthetically pleasing and delicious dishes like this, and the portion size is good too, so I really want to commend them for their low cost meals. It helps keep veganism accessible! 

I chose the waffles which come loaded with bananas and summer berries as well as syrup and icing sugar, and it was soooooooo delicious. The portion was really good, any more would have been too much. The waffle was thick and fluffy with just the right ratio of waffle to topping (in my humble opinion). I would definitely get the waffles again when choosing from the breakfast menu. Two big green thumbs up from me!

Jess, my stepmum, ordered the avocado toast. I was really impressed when it arrived, because I had just expected simple toast with mashed avocado spread over it. As you can see, it also came with tomatoes, rocket, seeds, and dressing. It’s the minor details and little touches like these that really make Humblest of Pleasures the special place that it is. Jess said that the bread was super lovely too. They definitely don’t cut corners or do things by halves!

My dad chose to have the pancakes, which come smothered in peanut butter, jam, and raspberries, with a mini jug of maple syrup on the side. This portion was somehow a little bigger than the waffles, and I actually ended up finishing it for my dad (I’m a little bit of a bottomless pit, myself). They were really fluffy and delicious, but he did note that the pancake combined with the peanut butter did make it very smushy and it stuck to the roof your mouth. I guess maybe that’s a personal preference thing, and you can always order it without the peanut butter. You can actually add facon for £1 as well FYI, which I would have done if it were me ordering the pancakes! Another time, for sure!

There were a few things available to buy in the café, such as Humblest of Pleasures tees! I think I would like to have one perhaps for my birthday or for Christmas. They also had totes, and examples of children’s books about veganism which will definitely take pride of place on my bookshelf when I have children. You could also pick up a copy of Deliquent magazine which seemed pretty cool too – I hadn’t heard of it before.

Last, but certainly not least, Humblest of Pleasures is a dog-friendly café which means our baby Lebowski could happily join us for brunch. We asked for a water bowl for him, and the lady brought out not only the water, but also a special home-made-looking treat for him! Which he was very pleased about, indeed! It’s a truly special place and you can see why people love it so much. I am desperate to revisit, hopefully on a weekday or Saturday so that I can try the daily menu (rather than the breakfast one), and I highly recommend it to everyone. Five veggie stars!

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