Hello September: The OTHER New Year

I am absolutely excited that it’s finally September. I just bloody love September. Some may think I’m mad, since September denotes the end of Summer. However, I have good reason for my love of the 9th month. School’s go back in September following the Summer, and back to school means new stationery, new workbooks to neatly etch your name onto, a fresh classroom with fresh classmates and a new teacher. It’s a time of hope and aspiration.

September still fills me with excitement, as it has done for as long as I can remember. My birthday is in October, so September always means that my birthday is only next month! And, I don’t care about being edgy and pretending to hate my birthday… I love birthdays. Cake, presents, attention, meals out… what’s not to love? It also has a knock-on-effect to other events of the year that I love: Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas. Excitement!

More importantly, though, I love September because it has always symbolised this fresh start for me. Much like the new year in January, September is a time where we can reflect on our past and make plans for the future. And, unlike January 1st, you generally don’t enter September with a sore head. It is truly a time for reflection, self evaluation, evaluation of your surroundings. September means two thirds of the year has passed, leaving one third left to make amends for anything that has gone before. To try!

This year has timed itself out nicely for me, because I landed my brand new job last month. After the past week or so settling into the office, September is where I will be going full speed ahead into my career. My new office, my new colleagues, my new goals and dreams and aspirations. I’m taking the next step in my life, and, as far as I’m concerned, finally embracing adulthood. And I can’t wait for today. Everyday.

My parents are also moving house. From the house I have lived in for all of my life. And it used to be bittersweet, but now everything makes sense. It has meant a huge clear-out of every room and especially the loft where items from our lives have gone into storage. Too precious for the tip, but not relevant enough for the present. This has meant a world of discovery: old toys, old photographs, things to sell on the carboots and make a few bob, things to reintroduce back into our lives. A time for reflection and improvement. And, now as they move into their new nest, it will mean organising and decorating things exactly as feels right for us now. It’s easy to get stuck where it’s comfortable. So, although I am speaking largely metaphorically, there is a lot of tangible and substantial newness in my life this September.

But, I also want to take this opportunity to set out some new resolutions for myself. In January, my pledges included joining a gym, and swearing less around my mum. Well: I’m yet to join a gym. And I do still swear around my mum, although a significantly smaller amount than before. I haven’t been totally successful, that much is true. However, I also vowed to find a new job – and that, I have achieved. So, I never turn my nose up because I think there’s always value in trying. And September is a nice opportunity for us to update our aspirations, to remind ourselves of our goals.

For September, I intend to reinstate my join-a-gym resolution. This will be slightly more achievable now, since I’ve had an increase in income, and I now have my own car. And, I truly want to do it. I don’t particularly want to lose weight, but I would like to tone up. I would like to be strong. Plus, the gym I’m eyeing up has a sauna, so. Wins all around. Joining a gym will also be good for my mental health, it will give me room to breathe, time away from screens. A bubble of my own that I control. I want to push myself to try new things – the weight section, different classes. And I hope that the sauna aspect will do wonders for warding off seasonal affective disorder, too. And hopefully it will be good for my skin, too.

Another topic I’ve been leaning towards recently is that of ‘minimalism’. And, I will never be a minimalist person. Not entirely. I’m slightly chaotic, and even more impulsive. But I want to stop buying clothes. Hoarding clothes. Turning to Topshop.com every time a hint of sadness or boredom takes over. It’s bad for my wallet, and it’s bad for the planet. I have so many clothes and I don’t need anything new. Not right now. Therefore, another pledge I am taking is to shop my own wardrobe. I want to truly appreciate everything I already have, and work at building several looks around every single item. If I do wish to shop, I intend to head for the charity stores. I can try.

This year, as all years, has been terribly up and down, but I look back and know that I have grown. And that’s a good feeling, a great feeling actually. That being said, I want to make a conscious and constant effort and looking for ways to feed myself and plant seeds for my journey forwards.

Does anyone else feel the same inspiration from September? What are your updated goals for the year?

2 thoughts on “Hello September: The OTHER New Year

  1. Loved this! I feel exactly the same about September, even though I won’t be heading back to school or uni for once. I’m starting a new job this month and making the big move to London, September feels full of fresh starts! (Feel ya on the getting fit n health thing as well) xx


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