This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers – A Christmas Special Shopping Guide (44)

Find out who is giving us ho ho hope for the future, and who is getting a big lump of coal.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 17/12/18 – Christmas special!

Going up…


Tis the season for lots of parties, and what is better than party food? Not a lot, I say! M&S are helping out the vegans with these mini vegan burgers made from soya and mushroom. And they look bloody good to me!

M&S are also serving options for the main event: check out this vegan cauliflower bake!

vegan christmas products

AND!!! Check out this hella fancy take on a nut roast at around £6!

Party food!!!

M&S Salted Caramel Snowflakes

For some delicious Christmas nibbles, grab these salted caramel snowflake-shaped pretzels from M&S too! I actually can’t wait to get my hands on these.

And to wash it all down, M&S are selling these fabulous cocktail mixes: jaffa cake, espresso martini, and mince pie – all of which are vegan.

vegan christmas products The infamous M&S Bailey’s-esque Chocolate and Coconut drink returns this year as well. Good luck getting your hands on a bottle though! This stuff flies off the shelves, apparently.


Sainsbury’s is no stranger to vegan-friendliness and why should Christmas be any different? Look at these delicious-sounding spicy jackfruit bites with sweet gochujang dip! Talk about a party starter… get me some of these, now!!

More party food with these veg spring rolls! I love the star print on half of them (to differentiate the two flavours).

You can also pick up this Tiffin tray from Sainsbury’s which is completely vegan friendly!

Who likes Christmas pud?!??!! Well… not me (unless it’s the special Christmas pudding balls from Knave’s Kitchen, that is). However, if you’re a glutton for punishment, this 6 months matured Christmas pudding from Sainsbury’s is vegan-friendly. Be my guest!

vegan christmas products

And, most importantly, of course, vegan-friendly mulled wine is available at Sainsbury’s! I’ll take ten bottles, please!


More party-perfect treats, Morrison’s are selling these 2 packs of vegan cupcakes at a fairly reasonable £2 each. Available in Chocolate and Red Velvet flavour!

Gingerbread donuts… erm, yum??!?! Please double check with your local Morrison’s baker counter as recipes may vary but from what I’ve seen… these are vegan and good to go. A lovely treat for Christmas eve, perhaps?

I know some people like to make their own, but in case you can’t be bothered or you fancied trying something new, Morrison’s have also brought out these vegan “pigs in blankets”. They are made from vegetables rather than faux meats, so it’s worth giving them a go for that something a little different!

More party food fantabulousness, pick up these hash brown sweet potato stacks from Morrison’s, too!

Morrison’s also stock these Candy Kitten christmas gift crackers – vegan vegan vegan!

And if you like serving cheese and crackers, this Violife cheeseboard is available at Morrison’s too. Also available at Sainsbury’s.


Gianduiotti is the most delicious chocolate in the world and luckily it is almost always accidentally vegan! And you can get a whole festive-looking-stack of it from Waitrose, this year!

vegan christmas products

And for the main event? How about a beetroot wellington from Waitrose!

Or a nut roast with cranberry drizzle?

vegan christmas products

Waitrose also have some plant based party food on offer: check out these pulled jackfruit tacos and caramelised onion & tomato tarte tatins!

There’s also this yummy looking cauliflower and broccoli bake in a vegan white sauce!

Or for party food, try these jackfruit tacos!

vegan christmas products

And to finish? Pineapple and coconut panna cotta! Say that 5 times fast!


This spiced vegetable galette from Tesco in their Finest range looks super interesting and yummy. An alternative for a vegan main at your Christmas dinner!

vegan christmas products

Or you can treat yourself to this… cauliflower wellington… if you like…

Or stick with the classic nut roast at a very affordable £3.50.

Tesco Finest Thai-Inspired Butternut, Coconut and Lemongrass Rolls

More food on the finer side of things, Tesco also sell these Thai butternut squash rolls.

Keeping in the festive theme, these party peanuts from Tesco are “pigs in blanket” flavoured, yet they are also accidentally vegan.

Tree shaped tortilla chips. Groundbreaking.

More “pigs in blankets” mayhem with these accidentally vegan crisps!

Mini gingerbread peeps! Vegan!


ASDA Christmas Tree Crumpets

Start the day festive with these Christmas tree shaped crumpets from Asda!

Asda is serving up these mushroom and spinach puff pastry parcels which come in a pack of 2… perfect for vegan duos at Christmas time!

vegan christmas products

Chocolate coins – a classic stocking filler – in the free from section at Asda and vegan-friendly.

Asda also has this festive pate on sale: roasted parsnip with chestnuts and sage. How bloody festive does that sound? Pair it with some vegan cheese and crackers, and I think we’re onto a winner here…

vegan christmas products

And what about a vegan cheese board? Well, Asda is selling one this year with a selection of vegan cheeses.

Asda mince pies are clearly labelled as vegan on the front so tuck in!!!

This coconut ice at Asda is vegan friendly.

You can get these fabulously festive orange and cranberry tiffin slices at Asda.

vegan christmas products

Probably one of the most exciting and special things on the list: Asda are stocking these extravagant looking dark chocolate and salted caramel pots! Um… yum?!?!?!?

vegan christmas products

Or maybe you fancy this Extra Special Vegan Chocolate Torte made with cashews, dates, almonds, and dark chocolate. There’s too much to choose………


AND ANOTHER show stopping vegan dessert from Asda!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

You can also head to Asda to get hold of this lovely “free from” truffle collection which is vegan-friendly! A lovely gift, or nice to have at the dinner table for afters.

Accidentally vegan Christmas goodies

Another after-dinner treat: unfortunately, the big-brand After Eights contain milk, but these Asda’s own brand ones don’t – and they come in an orange creme variety too!

And Asda has vegan cupcakes too.


Veg gyoza – vegan at Aldi!

More party food, or perhaps a dessert at the main event? These chocolate churros from Aldi are compeltely vegan friendly.

These fruity filled dark chocolate bites are lovely looking too and are available at Aldi!

B&M Bargains 

You can pick up these lovely rose creams, mint creams, and mint crisps from B&M bargains which are lovely for after dinner or as little party favours.


More party food! Is anyone throwing a vegan party because if all this food is on offer, I need an invite please? Lidl vegetable gyozas are vegan!

And maybe you’re interested in a lidl biscuit or two to go with your tea… ha! This Danish cookie collection at Lidl is completely accidentally vegan and are festively flavoured in cocoa, apple, and cinnamon!

Betty Crocker

There’s a brand new Betty Crocker icing out which is accidentally vegan – salted caramel! Most Betty Crocker products are vegan friendly too.

Hotel Chocolat

This all-dark chocolate selection box from Hotel Chocolat is vegan, and at around £28, I think that’s a pretty reasonable price to pay for a lovely gift for somebody (or yourself).

vegan christmas products

You can also pick up this festive chocolate wreath from Hotel Chocolat for  £20 – a showstopper!

This luxurious salted caramel vodka and dark chocolate Christmas pudding is vegan!!!!

Linda McCartney 

Grab yourself a bag of these “beef”, mushroom, and spinach wellington bites. Another great party treat. Linda McCartney also have a vegan “beef” roast with red wine and shallot glaze. It’s a bit of a marmite product: some people love it, others hate it. And, of course, Linda McCartney also make sausage rolls and cocktail sausages – perfect for your plant based parties!


Quorn Vegan Cracking Cranberry Balls

Quorn have also jumped on the festive vegan bandwagon this year with these Cracking Cranberry Balls which are sitting in my freezer as we speak. No sign of a show-stopping main, however…

Going down…

Brussel sprouts. Fucking disgusting.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been useful and exciting! Please share.

Don’t forget to check out Holland & Barrett as well – especially their fridge and freezer section – as they always carry a selection of vegan Christmas foods. AND don’t forget about The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

I’m personally pretty impressed with Asda this year, what does everybody else think? And PLEASE comment with any other festive vegan products available this year! I would love to know about them!

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