This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (45)

As Christmas tails off into the distance and the new year approaches, who is making the most of that potential Veganuary dollar?

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 31/12/18

Going up…



As always, I encourage anybody thinking about adopting the vegan lifestyle to turn to Veganuary as a place to start. Veganuary is a registered charity that started back in 2014 and encourages people to try veganism throughout the month of January – and hopefully, forever. Last year, Veganuary broke all its records with a whopping 168,542 people signing up to go vegan – that’s an 183% increase. This year, someone is signing up every 8 seconds. There’s still a massive gender divide though which over 4/5ths of participants last year being women. Come on, lads!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m still on a “believe it when I see it vibe” with this one following the falsified rumours that circulated last month, however, there has been much more pressing evidence of an upcoming vegan sausage roll at Gregg’s for Veganuary. It will be made using vegan Quorn sausages, and without the egg brushing on the pastry. I, for one, can’t bloody wait – and we need to show the demand fast, because for now it’s only limited edition.


Boots have designed two new vegan sandwiches due for release in January, although there has already been sightings of this dynamic duo. A vegan BLT and a vegan all-day breakfast – these are the sort of things we have been missing out on! No more falafel and houmous, please! I can’t wait to try them – and Boots meal deal is good value, too.



Bath bomb favourite brand Lush have released a brand new line of vegan lipsticks in 40 shades – that are easy on the plastic front too. They are currently sold in packaging made from recycled materials which you can return to stores to be re-recycled, and soon a reusuable tube that fits the lipstick refills will go on sale meaning you can use the same packaging again and again and again. Why can’t all companies be like Lush?


Another one I was sceptical about was the apparent arrival of a vegan option in Subway. I tweeted them for confirmation and received this response:

“Hi, we are trialling a Vegan Sub in selected Subway restaurants. We’re still in early stages, but we’ll keep you updated! You can find them at Robin Park Retail Park in Wigan, Eden Centre in High Wycombe & Manchester Piccadilly. Let us know what you think!” 

Nowhere near me, but maybe one of these stores is in reach for you? Get in touch if you’ve tried it.

Marks and Spencer

marks & spencer plant kitchen range

Never one to let us down, M&S is releasing a brand new vegan range called Plant Kitchen which has 60 vegan products for us to get hold of! It will include the likes of bbq pizza, lasagne, katsu curry, teriyaki tofu, spag bol, burgers, sausages, and much more.


As previously mentioned on VWAL, McDonald is indeed releasing brand new veggie options: red pesto veggie goujons will replace the current veggie supreme burger. The goujons will also be available as part of a happy meal – the first veggie option for kids at McDonald’s. As before, the meals will come with mayonnaise so ask for this to be removed. I usually replace it with sweet chilli sauce or barbecue sauce. The new options will roll out on January 3rd. Think I’ll head there on my lunch break…

Iceland – UPDATED

It seems that new cheeseless vegan pizzas have been spotted in Iceland at a pretty decent prize of £2 each. Could easily add your own gary at home if you’re arsed. This is certainly a happy happening, as opposed to the pizza products put out by veggie brands Quorn and Linda McCartney earlier this year which are made using cheese. Wow! A pizza with cheese – never done before! So, yeah, looking forward to this. Not sure how I feel about houmous pizza though…?

Going down…

The Dorset pub in Lewes

Image result for dorset pub vegan

As you have probably heard, there was an outcry on boxing day when Lewes pub The Dorset displayed a sign in its window detailing that hunt saboteurs and vegans were not welcome that day. Most likely, this was done in an attempt to avoid conflict since many hunters were due around the area that day. However, in this sense, surely the pub should have said no hunters or sabs welcome. Or, better yet, they could have welcomed Saboteurs because foxhunting is illegal and sabs are only trying to uphold the law and protect the animals. And, yes, trail hunting is a thing. Conveniently similar to fox hunting in appearance, isn’t it. Anyways, the manager of said pub has now been suspended and the incident – which the pub owners have apologised for – is under investigation.

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