This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (48)

Find out who is great, and who we hate.

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 21/01/19

Going up…


As always, a huge shoutout to Veganuary and the progress they have made over the past 5 years. They’ve gone from just a few hundred participants to thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Veganuary really is the starting point of veganism for so many people, and we should make sure to really get behind the campaign every year.


Quorn has announced their latest vegan product: Fishless Fillets! There are 2 varieties, you can choose from either Salt & Vinegar Battered Fillets or Lemon & Pepper Breaded Fillets. Which tickles your fishy fancy? For me, it’s battered. And this also means that they are able to create vegan batter. Battered vegan chicken style dippers, please!!!!! The Quorn Fishless Fillets will be available for purchase in March.

Rev de Cuba

Rev de Cuba are currently offering an absolutely massive vegan specials menu: with 7 vegan tapas dishes, 3 vegan mains, 2 vegan desserts and plenty of starters, sides, brunches, and lunches… it’s now a great place to dine as herbivores.


Cantina, vegan restaurant in Leeds housed upstairs at the Old Red Bus Station, have recently updated their menu and it looks reyt bloody good! Don’t forget to check them out and show your support if you’re ever up north.

Ed’s Diner


Ed’s Diner is the latest restaurant to jump on the Moving Mountains train as they introduce a vegan burger to their menu, along with vegan milkshakes. Their onion rings are also labelled as vegan, along with their fries, and their waffle fries! Still nothing to offer on the breakfast menu, though…

Papa John’s 

Papa John’s, finally, follows suit from other pizza restaurants and offers vegan cheese. The introduction follows an absolutely enormous petition of almost 30,000 signatures demanding dairy free goodness at Papa John’s, organised by Animal Aid in collaboration with Vegan Food UK. We really do make a difference, us annoying veggies…

Temple Coffee and Donuts

Following the recent spouts of verbal diarrhoea and hatred to gush out of the very rancid pores of Piers Morgan, Temple Coffee and Donuts in Leeds organised a very special reaction last Saturday. They created a very special Piers Morgan donut complete with his face, and all profits went to Unicef. Isn’t that amazing? All their donuts are vegan, so definitely check them out if you’re in town.

Linda McCartney 

More fishy business as Linda McCartney matches Quorn’s fish fillet release and raises them with fish goujons! Looks like there really is plenty of (vegan) fish in the sea…….

Squeaky Bean / Sainsbury’s

Yet ANOTHER new vegan release at Sainsbury’s, the latest plant based product to hit the shelves is the Squeaky Bean range. It’s out on January 28th, so keep an eye out!

Going down…

Cornish Curmudgeons and Beyond

It seems the meat-eaters with very little else better to do or care about are at it again, with the release of a vegan “Cornish pasty” leaving some seething. Following the Greggs-vegan-sausage-roll-gate, The Cornish Vegan Pasty Company has caused quite the stir by creating a vegan alternative to the traditional pastry treat, made with seitan instead of meat. Regular “Cornish pasties” still remain on sale, of course. Downright outrageous, isn’t it?

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