Don’t Throw Away Old Glass Candles – Re Use Them!

Having recently moved house with my parents, we find ourselves in an incessant cycle of clearing out right now. Despite already selling much at car boots, and giving lots away to charity shops and what not, we still find ourselves inundated with… stuff.

I’ve been feeling a bittersweet response to some of this clearing out because unfortunately, some things have no better place for them than the bin. In fairness, we have definitely adopted better habits after having undergone this move and clear out, and so I know we won’t be replacing these items to ultimately throw away again. But, it still doesn’t feel great chucking things away that will likely end up in a landfill.

With this in mind, I’ve been extra conscious as to what truly does need to go in the bin, and I almost binned my old candles. Then I thought – these are actually really nice glass jars, is it possible I can use them again? It may seem obvious to some people (it’s only easy if you know the answers…) but I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to remove wax from a glass jar. Well, as it turns out, it’s a pretty simple process. So – don’t throw out your glass candles, follow these steps to re use them instead!

How To Remove Wax From Glass Candle Jars:

Find a large glass bowl in the kitchen that comfortably fits your glass candle. I used one that could fit 2 at a time, because that’s how many I had. Any more and you will probably need to do them 1 or 2 at a time because this process involves boiling water, and you don’t want to end up spilling it on yourself by overflowing the bowl!

Boil the kettle and when it’s done, submerge your candles in the boiling water. Leave this for a few minutes so there’s time for the wax to melt and come away from the glass jars.

You should start to see the wax change shape and become more liquid vs solid.

Once you are satisfied that the wax is ready, find something to scoop the wax out with. Please do not try and use your fingers – the water will scald you!

I used a table spoon and a tea spoon as a sort of salad tossing utensil… I couldn’t only use one, as that would mean holding the jars to steady them as I scooped out the wax.  Instead, use both spoons in such a way that you are able to scoop the wax out and place it onto a paper towel at the side of the bowl.

Once you have completely removed the wax, wait until the water has cooled down and then take out the glass jars. Get rid of the water – but do not pour it down your drain as the wax could cause problems! Instead, use the bin. Bin the scooped wax too.

Finally, wash and rinse out your glass jars with very hot and soapy water to make sure all the wax residue is completely gone. And voila – you have 2 new glass jars. I like to use mine to keep beauty products, hair products, or even dried food products inside. It’s completely up to you. You could even recycle them in glass banks now the wax has gone!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Throw Away Old Glass Candles – Re Use Them!

  1. You can also just pop the candle into the freezer. I usually will leave it for a few hours and then remove. The wax just pops right out. I have tons of re-cycled jars. I as well use them for storage. I will use the ones that have a true twist lid and take them to my grocery store and use to them to store spices/seasonings. The ones with a pop out lid keeps my re-usable cotton rounds, q-tips, and other bath items in check.


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