This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (51)

Wow almost a whole year of Vegan Winners and Losers (even though it took longer than a year cause ya girl is busy slash inconsistent / a free bitch baby) so next time I am going to do a round up of the previous 52 weeks and what I consider to have been some of the greatest vegan wins and perhaps I will also include what have been the most disappointing losers. WHO’S WITH ME? Please please please let me know your opinions for this so I have some guidance as to who deserves the top and bottom spots!

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 18/02/19

Going up…


Every year we celebrate when lovely Jesus was brutally murdered and then rose from the dead like an absolute #legend and to do this we absolutely stuff our fat faces with chocolate and it’s reyt good. Well vegans love it too and don’t the corporations KNOW IT these days. The absolute definite 100% winner so far is Sainsbury’s by a mile because they have released a VEGAN – PINK – EGG !!! Have you seen anything better? Let me know!

Alter-native Foods

I mentioned this exciting new brand last week but I’m bringing them into the limelight again because we have a little bit more information…  we don’t yet know where the brand will be selling their products (which supermarkets, that is) but we now know that it will be from May onwards! Get planning your herbivorous tea parties!!!


Hmm… I’m slightly conflicted to include Boohoo because I don’t really like fast fashion brands anymore for obvious reasons and also this is a bit of a bullshit move from Boohoo but alas, it is technically a vegan move. Boohoo has committed to no longer selling wool products. I mean, this is obviously so they can use cheap plastic alternatives more (which are not very good for the environment) but I guess that’s not the sheepies’ fault is it. What does everyone else think about all this?


It’s all about our mates at Sainsbury’s again because they have followed Co Op’s suit in offering “accidentally” vegan DOUGHNUTS! BOTH JAM AND CUSTARD!! Double check with the bakeries at your branch, of course, as always, but the treats are rolling in, guys!

73 Cows

73 Cows.jpeg

2018 documentary 73 Cows about ex-beef-farmers Jay and Katja Wilde won the 2019 BAFTA Award for Best Short Film! How amazing is that? The couple in question gave their to-be-final herd of beef cows to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary and have since turned to vegan organic farming. Both the artists and the subjects deserve our praise and recognition! Well done to all involved! And congratulations to the cows, rightfully free!


This is something I never realised that I absolutely needed but I truly do. As we know, Cadbury Bournville is accidentally vegan and it now appears that as of next month, Bournville buttons will be available for purchase! I’ll take 3,000 bags, please!

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s brought their vegan ice cream – they still sell dairy ice cream so double check the label – to the UK not too long ago and now they have released even more vegan flavours! Who doesn’t love chocolate fudge brownie???

Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom have been offering their 100% vegan goodness for a while, including their chocolate sauce/hot chocolate hybrid. They now also offer chocolate spread which is much “better for you” than the mainstream dairy-filled Nutella and it’s also free from palm oil, if you’re interested!


Brand new sweets from Bassett’s, Sour Fizzy Fish, are accidentally vegan! Available now at Morrison’s!


One of the many vegan magic tricks, Vego, have created an all new chocolate bar! This time, rather than their milk-style hazelnut chocolate, they’re offering white almond chocolate! I can’t wait to find somewhere that stocks this… nom!


Another chocolate spread and another mention for Morrison’s, this 30% dark chocolate spread is accidentally vegan so help yourselves!

GOSH Cosmetics

GOSH Cosmetics, available at Superdrug, have started labelling all their vegan-friendly products right there on the make up stand, making it even easier for us animal-lovers to shop! Let’s hope everybody follows suit…


Not an entirely vegan topic but Quorn have started converting their slice packaging from black plastic (not environmentally friendly) to recycled packaging! It’s also peel-and-reseal, so less food waste if you don’t get to your remaining slices quick enough! Woop!

Going down…

Dr Martens

Bit of a petty niggle but Dr Martens, as we know, have different label styles for their vegan boots. Standard leather Dr Martens have black labels with yellow writing, whereas vegan shoes from Dr Martens have wholly yellow labels. Well, Dr Martens have released a collaborative collection with the Sex Pistols. And, since their album artwork is pink and yellow they have chosen to make the labels on these boots yellow too – even though they are leather, not vegan?!??!?!!?!? Granted the writing on the labels is pink not yellow, but it got my hopes up in the one sense and confused me in another. I really can’t stand inconsistency! Annoying.

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