This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (53)

Out of fabulous Febudairy and onto Meaty March lolz just kidding

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 04/03/19

Going up…

One Pound Meals

You may be familiar with the cooking series One Pound Meals by Miguel Barclay and it just got #relevant cause he is releasing a vegan edition! It’s available to pre-order on Amazon NOW!

Swedish Glace

If you’ve ever tried Swedish Glace ice cream then you know how delicious it is and they have released some new flavours including Coconut and Blueberry! They are available to buy, currently, at Waitrose. They’ve also created a Cinnamon flavour with toffee sauce and hazelnut pieces…

Old Mout

We love a fruity cider in the sun and Old Mout have created a brand new flavour in time for the summer! Pineapple and Raspberry!!!!!!!!! Absolutely cannot wait to try this.


Vegan Pizza Now Available at Wetherspoons UK Locations

JD Wetherspoon have added a vegan pizza to their menu – across most locations. Welcome to the 21st century, huns.


If you caught my anniversary special last week then you will know just how good Boots has been for vegan choices across the past year or so. Well, the green goodness just keeps on coming with the addition of this brand new vegan sandwich to their meal deal range: sweet potato pakora.


Animal welfare charity Compassion in World Farming have been working with Waitrose who have now pledged to strengthen their chicken welfare standards by using slower growing breeds, which will hopefully benefit at least 43 million chickens per year. Unfortunately, chickens used for meat have been bred to grow so fast that they even struggle to walk – leading to broken legs etc. It’s not particularly good as they continue to source and sell animal bodies, but it’s a start. Well done, Waitrose.


A brand new bar of Vego has been created and it is READY TO BUY at The Vegan Kind Supermarket! WHITE VEGO!!!!!!!!


Sainsbury’s made the veggie effort this Pancake Day by creating a video of 3 different vegan pancake recipes! We love holiday coverage! Yaas queens!

Going down…

Meaty March

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 12.49.58.png

Sadly, despite my jokes, meat farmers continue in their attempts to combat the vegan movement – especially in light of Veganuary – by moving from Febudairy onto Meaty March. There’s no real cause for concern as absolutely nobody cares about these attempts at movements, but let’s all just be aware. After all, it shows that we are having an impact and causing concern for these violent industries. Kisses!

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