This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (54)

Find out who is stacking that vegan dollar, and who is throwing it down the drain!!!

This week’s vegan winners and losers – week beginning 11/03/19

Going up…


As we all know, it was St Pancakes Day last week and of course, we all got 1,000,000 questions about vegan pancakes. Well, Aldi were team vegan anyway because they posted on Facebook specifically namedropping vegan pancakes. We love you, Aldi.


This vegan sausage roll has been absolutely massive for the movement, we really can’t stress it enough. Reportedly, Greggs has hit 1 billion pounds this year for the first time ever. The new vegan sausage roll helped boost sales by 14% in the first 7 weeks of the year! CEO Roger Whiteside said on BBC radio that the vegan sausage roll is the biggest selling new release they’ve ever done and is a top 5 national best seller for the company.

The British Pie Awards

You may have already heard that the winner at The British Pie Awards this year was indeed a vegan pie, beating nearly 900 other competitors! Jon Thorner’s curried sweet potato, butternut squash, and spinach pie was titled ‘Supreme Champion’ at the event!

Gordon Ramsay

This week Gordon Ramsay has launched a vegan roast at Bread Street Kitchen in London, tweeting about his new addition to the menu! Of course, the backlash to the tweet was ridiculous, but it’s to be expected since his following on social media probably consists largely of meat-lovers at this point. Well done, Ramsay.



More sweet treats have arrived at Starbucks – a vegan pistachio bar, and a vegan almond butter bar. These look and sound absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to try them. Which one will you be reaching for?

Deborah Meaden

Well done to Deborah Meaden who is speaking out for animals and became one of many to sign Compassion in World Farming’s petition against caged farming! She recently turned down a business proposal on Dragon’s Den due to its whey content – noting that the market was turning plant-based, so she definitely has her head and her heart in the right place. Absolutely great ambassador for animal rights.


More vegan additions to the menu at Wetherspoon chains, we now have the option of a vegan burger too! Their offerings are definitely growing and growing.

Going down…


Snack company Graze have had to recall their Sea Salt & Vinegar Veg Crunchers as they had been incorrectly labelled as vegan when they in fact contain dairy! A very silly blunder at best, and catastrophic at worst – let’s not forget that some people are not dairy-free out of choice but out of necessity. Allergy awareness needs to be taken more seriously for sure. Very poor, Graze.


Flora is doing our little vegan heads in because although they do offer a vegan spread, they also offer these 2 spreads which are quite misleading in their packaging. “Made with plants” and “enjoy plant goodness” make the incorrect implication that these products are vegan when in fact they both contain dairy – and LOTS OF IT. Cheap.

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