Where To Find Vegan Chocolate Eggs To Buy This Easter

I absolutely love Easter: everything from the fluffy bunnies and chicks to the daffodils and the chocolate. We all love a bit of cuteness, and I especially love a new beginning! Being vegan doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on such a big cultural celebration, and these days you truly don’t have to. Here are just some of the many vegan Easter products available to buy this year…



Sainsbury’s is the place to go when vegan Easter egg shopping, if you ask me. They have a huge selection and everything from the classic to that something a little bit different.

I always like an egg that’s something a little bit different, and this year Sainsbury’s definitely wins that prize from me. PINK VEGAN EASTER EGG! Can I get a W-T-F? This Free From chocolate egg is strawberry & white style chocolate and I actually think I will cry if I don’t receive one. I wonder how hard they will be to get hold of… Priced at £3.50.



Also spotted in Sainsbury’s are these vegan “buttermilk” Easter eggs – available in chocolate orange or chocolate honeycomb. Priced at £6 each.

For that classic Easter treat, you can also get Lindt dark chocolate bunnies at Sainsbury’s too.

Holland & Barrett

As always, Moo Free are one of the main contenders for vegan Easter goodness and this year they have some extra special designs on offer, like this sea salt and caramel egg available at Holland & Barrett for £4.99!


I actually love this idea from Asda – a vegan selection of 3 Easter eggs in milk style (with rawspberry pieces), white choc, and dark choc. After the pink Sainsbury’s egg, I think this is probably my favourite vegan Easter product I’ve spotted so far. Hint hint. £4.50! You can also get the Moo Free sea salt & caramel egg from Asda for £5.49 (50p more expensive than at Holland & Barrett, just FYI).


If you can’t get to a Holland & Barrett, the special Moo Free eggs are available at Morrison’s too. They are £1.01 more pricey than at H&B from here though!


Tesco have created some Finest range vegan Easter eggs this year: Belgian dark chocolate or salted caramel flavour – priced at £6.50 each.

Tesco also has the classic Moo Free Easter egg flavours at £3.99 each: original, orange, and bunnycomb (honeycomb).

For an Easter classic, you can pick up an accidentally vegan dark chocolate Lindt gold bunny from Tesco as well for £4. Photo from @mama_goods on Instagram.

Hotel Chocolat

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.50.21.png

If you’re feeling something fancy, then Hotel Chocolat is the place to go. This extra thick “rare & vintage” dark chocolate egg is £29!

Otherwise, there’s these geometric shaped eggs for £15 – choose from mint, ginger or plain.

If you’re hoping to get hold of something special but a little bit smaller, these Gianduja eggs and bombs are both vegan friendly and if you’ve never had Gianduja chocolate before then you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO TRY IT.

You can also get chocolate Easter bunnies at Hotel Chocolat – in luxurious dark chocolate, of course.


Aldi have a vegan choice again this year with this Moser Roth dark chocolate egg with hazelnut truffles (said to be like Ferrero Rochers). I’m pretty sad, though, cause a couple of years ago Aldi did that really cool blue giraffe print egg that was accidentally vegan and that was pretty cool. Do something different again, guys!

Cocoa Libre

Cocoa Libre are specialists in gluten, nut, and dairy free chocolate. You can get their Easter gift box – pictured above -for £20 if you’re looking for a vegan chocolate haul.

Their chocolate orange and plain Easter eggs are just £5 each.

Or, for something smaller and cuter, Cocoa Libre sell chocolate chicks for £3.99!


If there’s a Waitrose local to you, they also have a massive vegan Easter egg selection as shared by _sunfl0werseed on Instagram.

Truffle Pig

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to catch them, Truffle Pig creates vegan cream eggs and cream egg chocolate bars. Sadly, however, they are so sought after that they’re always out of stock! May the odds be ever in your favour.

For a one-stop-shop for all your vegan Easter goodness, head to The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

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