This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (55)

Sorry for the radio silence for the past month or so, but I’ve been, what I believe the folk like to call it… “busy as fuck”. It’s here now so get over it.

This week’s (month’s…) vegan winners and losers – week beginning 13/05/19

Going up…


A lot of carnists are often weirdly surprised when they learn that Lush isn’t actually a vegan company. I mean, they must know, because some products proudly contain honey? But, I guess if you’re not vegan then you don’t really feel the need to check what you are putting on your skin. Anyways, Lush is NOT a vegan company. They have long used honey in their products as well as lanolin and… egg. Ew! Well, back at the end of March Lush announced that they would be scrapping the use of egg in their products. Because, as those of us who employ the facility of google know, “free range” means mighty fuck all when it comes to the genuine welfare and rights of a chicken. And this is what became clear to Lush: “Over the years our Buyers have visited many free-range chicken farms to see the chickens and check the standards. What has become clear during this process is that there are some hard truths of egg production that are difficult to face up to – and which are almost impossible for the egg industry to show to company buyers or consumers of eggs.” Sadly, only one non-vegan product becomes vegan – D’Fluff strawberry shaving soap – following the move since the rest of egg-containing products still contain honey or lanolin. But it’s a step in the right direction.


Famed for their fruity deliciousness and pride of place in beer gardens throughout the British summer, Rekorderlig has made a huge move in veganising their fruit ciders! Be sure to check the label as old lines are surely still in circulation, but vegan recipe Rekorderlig is clearly labelled as such on the front of the bottle. CHANGE!

Mabel’s Vegan Yorkshires

This isn’t anything in particular to mention, but I recently came across this company: Mabel’s Vegan Yorkshires, based in Manchester. I know a lot of vegans miss Yorkshire puddings, and struggle to perfect a vegan recipe themselves at home. Get your orders in early, because they seem to sell out pretty quickly!


This is super old news by now, but one of the best things to hit the shelves this year in my opinion is the brand new Bournville Button! Have you tried them yet? Absolute yumsville. I’m counting on Cadbury to come out with vegan milk-style chocolate one day…


Aldi are really upping their game in the vegan department, and one of the latest additions to their shelves is this: CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!! It looks so scrummy, has anyone tried it yet?

Gordon Ramsay

It seems Ramsay has really boarded the vegan train, because following the addition of vegan pizza to his menus, he now has tofu scramble available at Bread Street Kitchen, too! He really puts a lot of the other mainstream chefs to shame.


We all already love their vegetable fingers, but now look what Birdseye has created! More vegan products in a brand new range called Green Cuisine: sausages, burgers, and… balls! Don’t forget they also created those veggie bowl thingies too…


FINALLY Subway have created and released a vegan option which isn’t a salad sandwich! Back on April 17th, we finally had some sustenance on offer at the sandwich shop. Not only have they released a vegan patty, but a vegan alioli sauce too! I’ve had it a few times already, it’s so convenient and so yummy. Big thumbs up from me! Their hash browns are vegan, too, and I’ve seen a lot of vegans having the patty & hash browns together on their sandwich. Some people are just born great, you know?


Despite their Christmas time blip, Iceland seem to be back full steam ahead on the vegan train and one of their recent creations are vegan melt in the middle choc puddings! Perfect for dinner parties and parties-for-one alike.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer have changed the game slightly with their “no chicken caesar salad”. I was lucky enough to come across this with a yellow label one evening – paying around £2. It really was delicious and so different to anything else I’ve come across as a grab and go lunch time option. Sadly, however, it’s usual selling price is at £4 which really is a bit ridiculous. I know it’s M&S and it’s supposed to be nicer food and a little bit pricey but £4? I enjoyed it but would only buy it again with a yellow label as before.

Greene King Pubs

Following in the footsteps of Marston’s pubs, Greene King pubs now have a vegan menu available in their Flaming Grill branches. You can use their website to find your nearest Flaming Grill pub here and each site then lists the vegan menu. Here’s one for you to look at! They even have vegan fish and chips, so it’s nothing boring and over done.


It’s been a long time coming, but Topshop finally released a vegan footwear range on April 10th. I know people say “blah blah that just means it’s plastic” but ok? We just need to know it’s not leather, suede, animal-glue, etc etc? I don’t get why this anti plastic fight (which is a good thing) has become snobbery against all plastic. Single-use plastic, yes. But plastic items we will use again and again surely aren’t the main problem? Fast-fashion, another story. But hoorah for happy vegan feet.


Following the HUGE success of the Greggs vegan sausage roll, Tesco has created one for their bakery too. Has anyone tried it yet?


More new vegan products from Quorn with the release of their new “ultimate” burgers, available at Tesco for £3. They look pretty good to me! This is an example of veganism being as expensive as you make it, because you can get a 6 pack of Tesco’s own veggie burgers for £1 but if you fancy treating yourself you can go for these Ultimate burgers! Have a look here at the variety of vegan burgers for a variety of prices here to see just what I mean…


For those of us with a sweet tooth, it’s always good news to hear about vegan sweeties! And Poundland so kindly advertised their Dinky Dog sweeties in the window clearly displaying that they are vegan friendly! I assume they are some kind of Percy Pig rip off, and I cannot wait to try them!

Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s have done it again with another massive update to their vegan offerings, including a CHEESECAKE and a Lotus Biscoff milkshake. I never would have gone to Frankie & Benny’s over the past 5 years or so, and now this is one of  my first choices on the high street!


Now we’re talking! They’re really starting to put the V in conVenient (lol). Ginsters have released a vegan pasty – let’s hope to start seeing these in petrol stations and service stations, because it still proves difficult to grab a cheap and quick snack on-the-go.



It’s happening, guys, it’s happening. A vegan cheese sandwich. Just chillin (lol) in the fridges of a mainstream supermarket. Sainsbury’s have added a vegan ploughman’s to their on-the-go section! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Caffe Nero

I’ve mentioned Caffe Nero so many times in this feature, because they really are so underrated in how much they offer the vegan community. Well, again, they have considered us feeble vegetable folk, and there are 2 brand new vegan options on the shelves. A vegan “club” sandwich – I don’t actually know what club sandwich is and at this point I’m afraid to ask – and a spiced veg & mango chutney flatbread. And we all know ya gal loves mango chutney! Can I get an amen????????


It’s clearly summer sandwich season, baby, cause here we have another competitor entering the ring. Morrison’s decided to get fancy and give us vegans an offering from their “The Best” selection: rainbow veg with beetroot and mint houmous. THANKS

It seems supermarkets are really having to work hard to compete with each other these days, with brand new products popping up left right and centre. Morrison’s recently also created these “mozarella” sticks! I sadly haven’t been able to find them in my local, but I’ve been advised that you should cook them slightly less than is advised or the cheese gets too hot and they explode. Science.

Going down…


You probably saw the recent KFC advert name dropping us vegans to help carnists feel better about their choices and have a little snigger at our/the animal’s expense. Well, grow up kay eff cee because all ads like this prove is that the movement is having an impact and you feel THREATENED. Why not take a leaf out of McDonald’s veggie book and offer a couple of decent vegan options instead? But I guess you don’t like money or a sustainable business plan. Bye huns

Percy Pigs

So, Percy Pigs did the dumbest thing ever in my opinion which is to piss off the meat eaters and the vegans at the same time. They have removed gelatine from all Percy Pigs (which, obviously is great for the piggies and I applaud them on this) HOWEVER they have kept the beeswax in????? So they still aren’t vegan???? (They never have been, by the way, I know some people have been fooled because they sometimes choose to list the beeswax as an enumber – E901 – instead of the word beeswax, which is shady af anyways). WHAT’S THE POINT, PERCY?

Burger King / Impossible Foods

Y’all are really dumb. Burger King has had a great idea to start serving vegan burgers in the United States. Great, right? WRONG! Because they are grilled on the same surface as the meat! You know what vegans love with their vegetables? MEAT JUICE! NOT! Come ON, people! And those at Impossible Foods should know better. Should have just sat there and ate ya food.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Vegan Winners and Losers (55)

  1. Stop dragging a company for using ingredients you don’t consume. That’s your choice to not consume these things. The company doesn’t make products to cater to just vegans. No wonder vegans get so much shit when all you do it fucking complain when something isn’t designed for your consumption. Ridiculous


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